Expats Guide - Living in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Our insider tips for expats and internationals to survive and prosper.

netherlands entry

Entry to the Netherlands: Visas, Residence, Work Permits

An overview of Schengen visa entry requirements for the Netherlands.

netherlands expat steps

10 Essential Steps for Expats Arriving in the Netherlands

Guide on the immediate steps you need to take on arrival in Holland.

find flat amsterdam

How to Find a Rental Apartment or House in Amsterdam

The challenge of searching for a place to live in the city.

healthcare netherlands

Healthcare and Health Insurance in the Netherlands

Introduction to the Dutch health system - from insurance to alternative healthcare.

open bank account

How To Open a Bank Account in the Netherlands

A detailed primer on Dutch banking and setting up an account.

utilities netherlands

Guide to Utilities and Services in Amsterdam

A look at energy, water, waste, recycling, internet, telephones and tv.

find job

How To Find a Job in the Netherlands

Basic advice on finding work in Amsterdam and Holland.

multinational companies

Multinational Companies in the Netherlands

An overview of corporations which employ expat internationals.

salaries netherlands

How Much Money Will I Earn in the Netherlands?

A guide to salaries in Amsterdam and Netherlands for different jobs.

cost of living amsterdam

What is the Cost of Living in Amsterdam?

Prices for various general expenses - rent, utilities, travel and services.

supermarket prices

Supermarket Prices in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prices for various food, drink and household items from the supermarket.

study netherlands

A Guide to Studying in the Netherlands

Info for those wanting to study in the Dutch higher education system.

taxation netherlands

Taxation in the Netherlands

A brief overview of the Dutch tax situation.

credit cards netherlands

Credit Cards in the Netherlands

How Dutch residents can get a credit card.

freelance work netherlands

Work as a Freelancer in Amsterdam

Tips on setting up your own business.

buy house amsterdam

Buying a House in Amsterdam

Guide to property purchase in and around the Amsterdam area.

job benefits netherlands

Dutch Jobs - Employee Benefits

The rights you can expect if you get a job in the Netherlands.