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Amsterdam has a large international community with residents from all over the globe. Expats come to the Netherlands for a variety of reasons - moving over for a job or looking for work, becoming a student, starting a business or perhaps having a relationship with a Dutch partner. It is possible to survive using English and without speaking Dutch - but it does help to learn some of the language and this will also improve your work prospects.

Those with EU/EEA passports are free to move to the Netherlands. Those from outside of Europe will have to go through a few more processes to get residency. Whilst the Netherlands is very open to expats, you can run into some bureaucratic circles.

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Our expat guide below will hopefully make your arrival to Holland flow more smoothly and help you find your initial bearings.

 Arriving and Living in Netherlands:
 Entry to the Netherlands - Visas / Residency / Work Permits
 A guideline to entry requirements into the country.
 10 Essential Steps for Expats Arriving in the Netherlands
 What you need to do as soon as you arrive in the country.
 Finding a Flat / Appartment to Rent in Amsterdam
 The challenge of searching for a place to live in the city.
 Buying a House / Flat in the Amsterdam area
 Guide to property purchase in and around Amsterdam.
 Healthcare in the Netherlands
 How to get health insurance plus an overview of healthcare.
 Utilities and Services in Amsterdam
 A look at essential utilities such as energy, telecoms, tv, water.
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 Studying and Working in Netherlands:
 Studying in Netherlands
 A look at the Dutch higher education system.
 Finding a Job in Netherlands
 Advice on finding a job in Amsterdam / Holland.
 Multinational Companies in Netherlands
 An overview of multinational companies which employ expat internationals.
 Dutch Jobs - Employee Benefits
 The rights you can expect if you get a job in the Netherlands.
 Job Contracts in Netherlands
 Different types of employee contracts in the country.
 Working as a Freelancer in Amsterdam
 Tips on setting up your own business.
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 Money and Finance in Netherlands:
 How To Open a Dutch Bank Account
 Essential if you want to live and work in the Netherlands.
 Credit Cards in Netherlands
 How Dutch residents can get a credit card.
 Cost of Living in Amsterdam - General Services
 Prices for various general expenses - rent, utilities, travel and services.
 Cost of Living in Amsterdam - Supermarket
 Prices for various food, drink and household items from the supermarket.
 Taxation in Netherlands
 A brief overview of the Dutch tax situation.
 Prices & Earnings in Amsterdam
 A look at comparative living costs and salary levels for Amsterdam.
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 Greenwheels - Car Sharing Schemes
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 Organic Food in Amsterdam
 Tips on getting a weekly organic fruit & veg package.
 Dutch Chain Stores
 Guide to some well known Dutch shop chains.
 Supermarkets in Amsterdam
 A look at supermarket brands in the city.
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