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Cost of Living Amsterdam – Supermarket Prices (2020)

Want to know the price of food, drink and other consumer items in Amsterdam, Netherlands? Whether you are a potential expat or temporary visitor, the following table lists the standard prices of items available in local supermarkets along with the Dutch translation.

The average Dutch household spends around €100 per week (about €5,200 per year) in supermarkets. Whilst most people do their main shop in 1 or 2 supermarkets, some will visit a variety of stores to get the best deals. Prices can vary significantly whether you visit a specialist shop, a standard supermarket (Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Dirk), a discount supermarket (Aldi, Lidl) or a street market stall.

Prices also vary depending on other factors such as the quality line (organic, high-end, branded, own-brand or budget), quantity (buying in bulk can be cheaper), time of year (buying seasonal goods can save money) and special offers such as Albert Heijn’s weekly Bonus.

The VAT rate on food in the Netherlands is 9% (this was increased from 6% in 2019).

For more on the stores, see our Supermarkets in Amsterdam page

Amsterdam Supermarket Prices 2020

DAIRY/BREAD (Zuivel/Brood)
Milk semi-skimmedhalfvolle melk [1 litre] €1.10
Milk full fat (organic) volle melk (biologisch) [1 litre] €1.25
1/2 loaf of bread half brood (half) [400g] €1.10
Loaf of bread brood (heel) [800g] €2.10
1/2 loaf bread (organic) half brood (biologisch) [400g] €1.50
Eggs eiren [6] €1.30
Eggs (organic) eieren (biologisch) [6] €1.80
Butter (unsalted) roomboter (ongezouten) [250g] €1.90
Yoghurt full fat (organic) volle yoghurt (biologisch) [1 litre] €1.10
Cheese (young gouda) kaas (goudse jong) [550g] €6.00
Cheese (young gouda) slices kaas (goudse jong) plakken [275g] €3.00

Broccoli (organic) broccoli (biologisch) [350g] €1.25
Potatoes (organic) aardappelen (biologisch) [1kg] €2.00
Carrots winterpeen [1kg] €1.00
Onions uien [1kg] €1.20
Garlic knoflook [3] €1.00
Tomatoes tomaten [500g] €1.70
Tomatoes (organic) tomaten (biologisch) [500g] €2.50
Mushrooms champignons [250g] €0.85
Iceberg lettuce (organic) ijsbergsla (biologisch) [1] €2.00
Mixed salad (pre-packed) sla melange (verpakt) [100g] €1.50
Spinach (pre-packed) spinazie (verpakt) [300g] €2.00
Avocado avocado [1] €1.30
Bell pepper paprika [1] €1.25
Courgette/zucchini courgette [1] €1.80
Apples appels [1.5kg] €2.30
Bananas bananen [1kg] €1.90
Oranges sinaasappelen [2kg] €2.80
Galia melon meloen [1] €2.30
Kiwi kiwi [1kg] €4.00
Strawberries aardbeien [250g] €2.50
Pineapple ananas [1] €2.20

MEAT/FISH (Vlees/Vis)
Minced beef rundergehakt [500g] €3.00
Minced beef (organic) rundergehakt (biologisch) [500g] €5.00
Rib-eye steak rundvlees rib-eye steak [300g] €8.50
Pork fillets varkensvlees filetlapjes [300g] €3.00
Pork shoulder steaks (organic) schouderkarbonade (biologisch) [300g] €4.00
Chicken fillets kipfilet [380g] €5.00
Chicken fillets (organic) kipfilet (biologisch) [300g] €7.30
Ham achterham [200g] €1.40
Ham (organic) achterham (biologisch) [100g] €2.75
Smoked salmon gerookte zalmfilet [100g] €3.75
Smoked salmon (organic) gerookte zalmfilet (biologisch) [100g] €6.00
Salmon fillet (fresh) zalmfilet [300g] €9.00
Salmon fillet (frozen) zalmfilet (diepvries) [250g] €4.50
Tuna steak (fresh) tonijnsteak [250g] €3.85
Tuna (tinned) tonijnmoot (blik) [160g] €1.80
Smoked mackrel gerookte makreel [250g] €3.00
Herring haring (hollandse nieuwe) [3 pack] €4.25
Trout (fresh) forel (vers) [420g] €6.00
Cod fillet (fresh) kabeljauwfilet [250g] €4.75
Mussels (fresh) verse mosselen [2kg] €8.00

Pasta pasta [500g] €1.20
Basmati rice basmati rijst [1kg] €2.00
Couscous couscous [400g] €1.30
Tomato sauce (organic) tomaten saus (biologisch) [700g] €1.40
Pesto pesto [90g] €1.00
Olive oil (extra virgin) olijfolie (extra vierge) [1 litre] €6.00
Sunflower oil zonnebloemolie [1 litre] €1.90
Pizza (fresh) pizza (vers) [300g] €4.00
Peanut butter pindakaas [350g] €2.00
Muesli muesli [400g] €2.20
Crisps (Kettle) chips (Kettle) [150g] €1.70
Chocolate bar chocolade [100g] €1.00
Toilet paper toiletpapier [16 rolls] €4.50
Tooth paste tandpasta [75ml] €1.20
Washing up liquid afwasmiddel [500ml] €1.00
Washing powder wasmiddel [20 washes] €6.00

DRINKS (Dranken)
Mineral water mineraalwater [2 litres] €1.10
Wine wijn [750ml] €4.00
Beer bier [6 x 300ml] €4.10
Orange juice (fresh) sinaasappelsap (vers) [1 litre] €3.00
Soft drink (branded) frisdrank [1.5 litres] €1.75
Coffee (filter) snelfilter koffie [500g] €4.50
Coffee (espresso) espresso koffie [250g] €3.80
Coffee (Nespresso-comaptible capsules) koffie capsules [10] €3.00
Tea (black) thee (engelse melange) [20 bags] €0.80
Tea (redbush) rooibos thee [20 bags] €1.50

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