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Savings Accounts Rates in the Netherlands

Savings interest rates in the Netherlands are derisory. The main 3 big Dutch banks offer near zero rates to savers and apply negative rates for larger balances.

When you account for inflation (now about 6%) and wealth tax (about 1%) the reality is that you face negative real returns on your money.

Below we give an overview of the best standard savings account rates. If your savings are parked in one of the big 3 banks (ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank) then at least consider securing a better rate elsewhere.

The top rate for standard savings (0.3%) and 1 year fixed rate (0.8%) are both available from BigBank here

Standard Savings Accounts Rates Netherlands

BankAccountInterest RateDeposit Guarantee
Big BankFlexibel Sparen0.30%Estonia Info
OpenbankOpen Spaarrekening0.20%Spain
Lloyds BankInternet Spaarrekening0.05%Germany
LeasePlan BankFlexibel Sparen0.05%NL
AnadolubankAlfa Smart Savings0.02%NL
DHB BankS@veOnlinerekening0.02%NL
Internet Spaarrekening0.01%Belgium
Garanti BankGouden Internet Rekening0.01%NL
NIBC Direct
Yapi-KrediEuro-Plus Savings
ASN BankIdeaalsparenup to 0.01%NL
RabobankRabo InternetSparenup to 0.01%NL
SNS BankInternet Sparenup to 0.01%NL
ABN AMRODirect Sparen0.00%NL
ING BankOranje Spaarrekening0.00%NL
KNABFlexibel Sparen0.00%NL Info
Nationale NederlandenInternetsparen0.00%NL
Triodos BankInternet Sparen0.00%NL
Van Lanschot BankSpaarrekeningen0.00%NL

These are variable interest rates and can change at any time.

Negative interest rates are slowly encroaching more savers. A negative interest rate of -0.50% is applied for balances above €100,000 for savings account holders at ABN-Amro, ING and Rabobank. Van Lanschot bank applies the negative rate to just €50,000.

You will note the presence of some foreign banks in the above listing. The Turkish banks Anadolubank, DHB Bank (Demir-Halk Bank), Garanti Bank and Yapi-Kredi are all registered in the Netherlands and are covered by the Dutch deposit guarantee. Argenta is an independent bank from Belgium.

Lloyds Bank is from the UK but its Dutch business is now registered in Germany. Openbank is part of the Santander Group in Spain.

BigBank is an Estonian financial institution involved in consumer credit with an online presence in the Netherlands.

For slightly higher rates you may choose to tie your money up for a fixed amount of time. Here is an overview of 1 year accounts:

Fixed Rate Accounts in the Netherlands – 1 Year term

BankAccount 1 Yr
Interest RateDeposit Guarantee
BigBankDeposito0.80%Estonia Info
Yapi KrediEuro-Plus Deposit0.30%NL
AnadolubankAlfa Time Deposits0.20%NL
Garanti BankGouden Termijn Deposito0.15%NL
NIBC Direct
KNABDeposito sparen0.02%NL Info

Some term accounts require a minimum investment. Higher rates are available for longer fixed terms.

We have only focussed on banks operating in the Netherlands or those with a specific Dutch online presence. It is possible to find higher term account rates in other Eurozone countries such as Estonia and Latvia through intermediaries.

With the European Central Bank (ECB) base rate at 0% (and a negative deposit rate at -0.50%), it seems savings accounts rates will remain low for the foreseeable future. It is likely more savers will be faced with negative interest rates in the coming future.

And with the economic fallout due to the ‘coronavirus’ measures and the push for central bank digital currencies we could see more volatility and chaos in the financial sector.

Savings Accounts Dutch Glossary

sparen – savings
spaarrekening – savings account
rente – interest rate
deposito – fixed term deposit

This page is for information purposes only, we are not offering any financial advice. We try to present accurate info but as ever products and interest rates can change at any time.

Last updated 6 April 2022.

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