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Cost of Living Amsterdam – Price Listing (2020)

The following tables list prices (in euros) of various items and commodities for sale in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This price list should be of use to both tourists and any potential expats considering a move to the Netherlands. Note, some figures should only be taken as a guideline – prices can vary and are subject to change.

Cost of Eating and Drinking Out in Amsterdam

Prices for meals out vary considerably in Amsterdam and range from the budget fast-food places, cheap eetcafé-style restaurants to the more upscale establishments. Drinks prices are generally consistent overall although higher prices can be found at either “tourist traps” or trendier bars and clubs. The Dutch are not great tippers, however a small tip is always appreciated by your server.

Breakfast (HEMA) €2.00
Friet (chips) €2.50
Big Mac (McDonalds) €3.95
Combo Meal (McDonalds) €7.25
Sandwich/Bagel (cafe) €4.00-8.00
Main Course Meal (standard eetcafe) €10-20
Meal+Wine+Dessert (per person) €30-100
Beer (250ml) €2.50
Beer (500ml) €4.50
House Wine (glass) €4.00
Mineral Water/Soft Drink (glass) €2.00-2.50
Espresso €2.00-2.50
Cappuccino/Koffie Verkeerd/Latte €3.00
Starbucks Caffe Latte Grande €3.75
Tea (cup) €2.30-2.80

Cost of Travel in Amsterdam

Public transport in Amsterdam and Netherlands is normally quite reliable and offers reasonable value. Prices have increased since the OV-chip card system was introduced. Like elsewhere in Europe, fuel prices are high.

Train Ticket Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport €4.50/5.50
Train Ticket Amsterdam to The Hague €12.50/13.50
1 hour public transport ticket €3.20
Tram Ride 5km (e-purse OV chipkaart) €1.83
Ferry ride on the IJ (GVB) Free
Monthly Travel Pass (GVB) €100
Annual Travel Pass (GVB) €1,000
Annual Train 40% Discount Card €56
Taxi Fare in Amsterdam (4km) €12
Taxi Fare (Schiphol Airport to City) €45
Petrol 1 Litre €1.75
Diesel 1 Litre €1.50
Bike Rental (1 day) €10
Car Parking (per hour, inner centre) €7.50

Cost of Miscellaneous Items in Amsterdam

Cultural activities such as the theatre and museums are not that cheap although there are some free concerts and festivals. Consider investing in the Museum Card which gives unlimited free entry to 400 museums over the whole year. Tobacco and cigarettes in the Netherlands are heavily taxed/regulated and prices are set to rise further.

Stamp for Netherlands (0-20g) €0.91
Stamp for international destinations (postcard/0-20g) €1.50
Cigarettes (Marlboro pack of 20) €7.00
Tobacco (50g Drum) €10.30
Haircut (Male) from €13
Haircut (Female) from €30
Cinema Ticket (Standard) €11
Theatre Ticket from €20
Night Club Entry from €5
Museum Admission €5-20
Annual Museum Card €64.90
Iamsterdam City Card (3 days) €105
Ajax Season Ticket (restrictions apply) €228-710
Hotel Room – good standard (per night) €80-300

Cost of Utilities for Living in Amsterdam

From mandatory health insurance for residents to utility bills and telecom charges.

Cable Internet 40Mb/s (monthly) €40
Prepaid Mobile Standard Call (per minute) €0.18-0.36
Prepaid Mobile SMS Text €0.12
Samsung Galaxy S10 120mins + 5GB (monthly – 12 months) €42
Landline Telephone Standing Charge (monthly) €15
Electricity, Gas & Water (monthly) €100-225
Household Refuse Tax (monthly) €25
Cable Television Packages (monthly) €17-50
Basic Health Insurance (monthly) €95-120
Cleaner (hourly) €13

Cost of Flat/House Rental in Amsterdam

Renting a flat or house in Amsterdam is likely to be your biggest monthly outgoing. Prices range from cheaper flat shares, social housing (you will either have to wait some years on the list, have a Dutch partner renting one or be lucky to find a sublet) to more expensive properties on the private rental market.

Social Housing (monthly) up to €737
Room Flat Share (monthly) €400-1,200
Studio Appartment (monthly) €700-1,300
1 Bed Appartment (monthly) €900-1,700
2 Bed Appartment (monthly) €1,100-2,400
2-3 Bed House (monthly) €2,000-4,000

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