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Rotterdam Airport to Amsterdam


Rotterdam The Hague airport (RTM) is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands and is located 6km from Rotterdam city centre and around 60km from central Amsterdam.

Below we show how to get from Rotterdam airport to Rotterdam centre by public transport and then beyond to Amsterdam and The Hague (Den Haag).

Rotterdam airport transport options: summary (2014 prices)

1. Local RET bus 33 to Rotterdam rail station (€3 single, up to 6x hourly).

2. Local RET bus 50 to Meijersplein then Metro line E to The Hague (€3 single, 2x hourly)

3. Intercity or Intercity Direct (formerly FYRA) train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam Central (€14.50 single, €1 surcharge for disposable tickets, Intercity Direct supplement €2.30, run regularly all day).

4. Rotterdam airport taxi rates: to Rotterdam station €25; to Den Haag €55; to Amsterdam approximately €150.

rotterdam airportrotterdam airport terminal

Let's take a look at these travel options in more detail with some tips and advice for visitors...

1. Local bus to Rotterdam central

RET city bus 33 runs from Rotterdam airport to Rotterdam central station and this journey takes about 25 minutes. Come out of the terminal and head left - the airport bus stop is a short walk away.

Buses leave approximately every 10 minutes during the day and every half-hour in the evenings. The service runs from 0600 weekdays, 0630 on Saturday and 0830 Sunday and operates all day until just after midnight.

A single ticket ("RET 1 hour") costs €3 and can be purchased from the driver.

If you have a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart - the smart card travel system of Netherlands - then you can use the pre-loaded e-purse credit by checking -in and -out using one of the card readers on the bus. This makes the single journey less expensive at about €1.66.

Note, you can purchase an 'empty' anonymous OV-chip card (costs €7.50, lasts 4-5 years) at the AKO newsagent at Rotterdam airport - however, to load any credit at the airport you will need a Dutch PIN bank card. So visitors are advised to buy the standard single bus ticket. At Rotterdam central station you can use cash to buy an anonymous OV-chip card and load it with credit.

rotterdam airport bus 33ret bus 33 rotterdam

The 33 bus arrives at the bus terminus near Rotterdam central station. Note, there is ongoing renovation work around the station.

2. Bus + Metro to Den Haag (The Hague)

Take RET airport shuttle bus 50 which goes half-hourly from Rotterdam airport to the nearby Meijersplein metro station - this takes 10 minutes.

rotterdam den haag metro line e

From there you can take the RET metro (E line) which runs between Rotterdam central and Den Haag central. The metro trip to Den Haag takes about 25 minutes, meaning a total travel time from the airport of about 45 minutes. Buying an RET 1 hour ticket (€3) should suffice.

Note, other RET tickets available are the RET 2 hour (€3.50) and the RET 1 day ticket which costs €7.

If you have any queries about public transport you can always ask at the Information Desk at Rotterdam airport terminal. It is open daily from 0830.

3. Trains from Rotterdam Central to Amsterdam

rotterdam central station

NS trains run frequently between Rotterdam central and Amsterdam central stations. There are a number of different services - a fast domestic train called Intercity Direct (formerly FYRA) takes just 40 minutes and runs 2x hourly on a dedicated high speed track to Schiphol and then onto Amsterdam central. Supplements for the Rotterdam-Schiphol sector are mandatory for travel on this train.

Alternatively you can take an Intercity train to Amsterdam central which travels to Delft, Den Haag HS, Leiden and then via either Schiphol or Haarlem. Journey times take around 1 hour 10 minutes with departures every 15 minutes. Avoid the slower "Sprinter" stopping train service (2x hourly) which runs via Gouda unless you are travelling to stops at Amsterdam Bijlmer-ArenA or Amsterdam Amstel.

The OV-chip card system is now used on Dutch railways and you will need to check-in and check-out of your journey. A standard one-way ticket from Rotterdam to Amsterdam Central costs €14.50 (2nd class) or €24.70 (1st class) - these fares apply when using a personal or anonymous OV-chip card. There is a €1 surcharge for buying a disposable ticket.

Intercity Direct supplements cost an additional €2.30 (2nd class) or €3.00 (1st class) each way - buy the supplement before boarding the train as it costs €10 on board.

Children 4-11 only pay €2.50 each (no surcharge) for a Railrunner ticket which is valid the whole day on the Dutch rail network including Intercity Direct trains. Children 0-3 travel free.

You can buy disposable train tickets, Intercity Direct supplements or anonymous OV-chip cards at the station Tickets & Service desks or at the yellow and blue ticket machines. Both accept debit cards (Dutch PIN/Maestro/V-Pay) and credit cards (Mastercard/Visa chip and pin only). If you want to pay by cash go to the service desks as the machines only accept euro coins.

For more rail ticket tips see our guide How to Buy a Dutch Train Ticket.

Anonymous OV-chip cards need a minimum of €20 credit to use the trains - you can also pay for the Intercity Direct supplement by using the special supplement card readers.

ns intercity direct trainintercity train rotterdam central

For speed and comfort it is probably worth paying the Intercity Direct supplement - especially if you have large suitcases. Intercity Direct trains have decent overhead storage racks. Standard double decker Intercity trains have stairs to navigate and tiny racks - though space for luggage can be found between opposing seats.

For night owls, an hourly night train (0100-0500) runs both ways between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam return trip: Just do the journey in reverse - train from Amsterdam central to Rotterdam, then walk out to the bus station to get RET bus 33 back to the airport.

Detailed rail timetables can be found at

Amsterdam Central is the transport hub of Amsterdam - see Getting Around Amsterdam for cost-effective public transport options in the city.

rotterdam airport transport map<<<Transport Network Map from Dutch Airports: Take a look at our airport transport connections map to visualise your onward journey from Rotterdam airport around the Netherlands.

4. Taxis from Rotterdam Airport

Taxis in Netherlands are not particularly cheap. From Rotterdam airport expect to pay about €20-€25 (central Rotterdam), €35 (Rotterdam Alexander), €55 (The Hague), €100 (Rotterdam Europoort), €125 (Schiphol) and €150 (Amsterdam).

The airport also has desks from many major car rental companies.


Rotterdam Hauge airport is served by the likes of British Airways (3x daily to London Heathrow), CityJet (shuttle to London City), Lufthansa (to Munich), Transavia (destinations around Europe) and Turkish Airlines (to Istanbul).

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