Public Transport Tickets in Amsterdam

The public transport ticket system in Amsterdam has become rather complicated for both visitors and locals alike. In this article we will summarise all the transport ticket products available and give a full explanation on how they work.

Public transport within Amsterdam is run by city transport company GVB – from trams which criss-cross the city to the metro and buses which travel further out.

In addition there are trains operated by NS (Dutch Railways) which connect Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport and the rest of the Netherlands. Regional buses (Connexxion/EBS/Arriva) can take you to some nearby places of interest.

The OV-chip card (OV-chipkaart) smart card system is in use for all public transport in the Netherlands. Every traveller aged 4 or over must have their own ticket. When taking a journey you are required to check-in (when boarding) and check-out (on exiting) by holding the ticket or chip card against one of the OV-chip card readers. In Amsterdam this applies for trips on trams, trains, the metro and buses.

Amsterdam public transport ticket summary (2021 prices)

1. GVB 1 hour ticket – €3.20, valid only on GVB trams/metro/buses, NOT on trains. A Bus Tram Metro (BTM) ticket is €6.50 and is valid 90 minutes on GVB plus Connexxion/EBS buses.

2. Unlimited GVB Day/Multi-Day tickets – 1 to 7 day ticket (€8.50 to €37), children 4-11 €4 per day. Valid on all GVB transport in Amsterdam on a 24 hour basis. Not valid on airport train or 397 airport bus. Book GVB 1-7 day tickets online here and pick-up in Amsterdam when you arrive.

3. Amsterdam Travel Ticket – 1/2/3 day card (€17/€22.50/€28) combines airport train/bus journey with unlimited use of GVB transport in Amsterdam. Valid on a day (not 24 hours) basis. Book Amsterdam Travel Tickets online here and pick-up in Amsterdam when you arrive.

4. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket – 1/2/3 day card (€19.50/€28/€36.50) offers unlimited travel in Amsterdam and entire region (including Waterland, beaches, Keukenhof etc). Valid on a day (not 24 hours) basis on NS trains (in region), regional buses and Amsterdam GVB transport. Book Amsterdam & Region Travel Tickets online here and pick-up in Amsterdam when you arrive.

5. Holland Travel Ticket – 1 day ticket (€63/€43 off-peak after 0900) valid on all Dutch public transport. Good for longer journeys around the Netherlands and/or using multiple transport companies.

6. Waterland Day Ticket – 1 day ticket (€12.50/€3 children 4-11) valid on EBS regional buses to the Waterland area (fishing villages). Not valid on GVB transport or Connexxion buses.

7. Zaanstreek Day Ticket – 1 day ticket (€11.50) valid on Connexxion bus 391 from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans. Valid on Connexxion services in Zaanstreek (Zaandam) region, not valid to Waterland.

8. OV-chip card e-purse – Plastic OV-chip smart card costs €7.50 (non-refundable, lasts 5 years) to which travel credit can be added. Can be used on any public transport at standard fare tariffs. Minimum balance of €20 (trains) or €4 (other transport) required. Only good for visitors who plan lots of travel, does save inconvenience of buying tickets each time.

9. NS (Dutch Railways) Train tickets – One-way and day return tickets available, €1 surcharge for disposable tickets. Or use OV-chip card balance.

10. Airport Bus Tickets – Airport Express bus 397 (Connexxion/R-Net) Schiphol airport to Leidseplein area in Amsterdam, €6.50 one-way, €1 children 4-11. Does not go to Amsterdam Central station.

11. Iamsterdam City Card – Official tourist pass which includes a GVB multi-day transport ticket as well as admission to many Amsterdam attractions. 24/48/72/96/120 hour cards (€65/€85/€105/€120/€130). Book the Iamsterdam City Card online here

For a handy visual overview please see Amsterdam Transport: Which Ticket?

See below for more info on each type of ticket.

1. GVB 1 Hour Ticket / Bus Tram Metro (BTM) 1.5 Hour Ticket

In Amsterdam the single can be bought as a disposable OV-chip card and is valid for 1 hour travel on GVB public transport including any transfers. It costs €3.20 and is activated on first check-in.

It is not really good value if you are only travelling 1 or 2 stops on a tram but is reasonable for longer trips. It can be bought at GVB sales desk/ticket machines (cash/debit/credit cards accepted) or on board trams/buses from drivers/conductors (no cash accepted on board, debit/credit cards only, contactless payment possible).

Check-in and check-out using the card readers is required, including when making a transfer to another form of transport.

Note, the GVB 1 hour ticket is NOT valid on the Schiphol airport train, 397 Amsterdam airport express bus nor on any GVB night bus service.

There is also a 1.5 hour Bus Tram Metro (BTM) ticket which costs €6.50 and is valid on GVB, Connexxion and EBS services.

gvb tickets
GVB Tickets for Amsterdam Transport

2. Unlimited GVB Day/Multi-Day Tickets

These are valid from 1 day up to 7 days and allow you unlimited travel on the GVB network in Amsterdam day and night (GVB buses, metro and trams). Tickets are activated on first check-in and validity is on a 24 hour basis – so you can use them over 2 consecutive calendar days within each 24 hour period.

Children’s 24 hour ticket €4.00
24 hours (1 day) €8.50
48 hours (2 days) €13.50
72 hours (3 days) €19.00
96 hours (4 days) €24.50
120 hours (5 days) €29.50
144 hours (6 days) €34.00
168 hours (7 days) €37.00

The GVB Children’s Day Ticket is valid for 24 hours for those aged 4-11. The child must be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Children aged 0-3 travel free, children 12 or over must buy the standard adult ticket.

You can buy GVB Multi-Day Tickets online here. Buying in advance is convenient and you can pick up your tickets at GVB service points at Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena and Amsterdam Noord. You can also pick-up at Amsterdam Schiphol airport at the Connexxion red van sales point at bus platforms B9-15.

These tickets come as disposable OV-chip cards with check-in and check-out required for each journey.

The 24 hours and 48 hours tickets can also be purchased on board a tram; bus drivers only sell the 24 hour tickets. Note cash is not accepted on board public transport.

At Amsterdam Schiphol airport they may be bought at Iamsterdam Visitor Centre (Arrivals 2) and AKO Newsagents – however they may not have the full range of tickets available. That’s why we recommend purchasing online in advance.

If you require travel with a large group around Amsterdam then every individual must have their own ticket and check-in and check-out accordingly. For group travel you can purchase up to 99 GVB multi-day tickets tickets in one transaction here

gvb bus at amsterdam central
GVB Bus at Amsterdam Central Station

GVB airport ‘loophole’: It is technically possible to travel from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to the city using a GVB-only card by taking GVB bus 69 from Schiphol to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and connecting onto GVB bus 22 to Central or GVB tram 12 to the Museumplein area – however, we do recommend taking the much faster train!

3. Amsterdam Travel Ticket

This is an all-in-one product which includes a 1, 2 or 3 day GVB unlimited travel card plus travel between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam – valid on NS trains or 397 Amsterdam Airport Express bus.

Costs are €17.00 (1 day), €22.50 (2 days) and €28.00 (3 days). Please note that this product is only good for those on short visits to Amsterdam who arrive earlier in the day – validity is on a “calendar day basis” rather than 24 hours, so the card expires at 0400 in the morning after the last valid day.

So for example, if you activate (check-in) a 1 day card anytime on a Wednesday (0000-2359) the card will expire Thursday at 0400. By activating the card in the evening you would not get much potential use – you may be better off buying separate train tickets and sticking to the GVB multi-day tickets.

The train portion is valid in 2nd class for unlimited travel between Schiphol airport and any of the following stations in Amsterdam: Central, Amstel, Bijlmer-ArenA, Duivendrecht, Holendrecht, Lelylaan, Muiderpoort, RAI, Sciencepark, Sloterdijk and Zuid.

You can also use it for train journeys between the above Amsterdam stations, for example Amsterdam Sloterdijk to Amsterdam Central.

In addition it is valid for unlimited travel on the 397 Amsterdam Airport Express bus. You must make your final journey back to the airport (bus or train) before the card expires.

The GVB portion of the ticket can be used on GVB trams, buses, metro and night buses in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket is an OV-chip smart card so you are required to check-in and check-out for each journey. This ticket may also be useful for those staying at Schiphol airport hotels wanting to visit the city each day.

You can buy the Amsterdam Travel Ticket online here. Paying in advance is really convenient and whether you are travelling alone or in a large group, you can purchase anything from 1 to 99 tickets in one transaction. Most payment methods are accepted.

You receive a voucher and simply pick up your pre-purchased tickets at the following points: NS ticket & service desks at at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Amsterdam Central Station or Amsterdam Sloterdijk; at the GVB service points at Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena or Amsterdam Noord.

You can also purchase this ticket over-the-counter at the following at Schiphol airport: NS Tickets & Service desk, Iamsterdam visitor centre (Schiphol Arrivals 2), Schiphol tickets & info van (bus stops B9-15) or AKO newsagents.

For more info on Schiphol travel see Getting from Schiphol to Amsterdam

travel tickets amsterdam

4. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

This is a 1 day (€19.50), 2 day (€28.00) or 3 day (€36.50) ticket which is valid on all public transport in the greater Amsterdam region. This includes NS trains, all regional buses (Connexxion, EBS and Arriva Keukenhof services) and all GVB Amsterdam buses, metro and trams.

Like the above Amsterdam Travel Ticket, this product is valid on a “calendar day basis” only rather than 24 hours. The card is activated on first check-in and expires at 0400 in the morning after the last valid day. Once again, you must check-in and check-out for each journey taken.

You could consider buying more than 1 ticket if you are staying longer than 3 days/2 nights – or mix and match with GVB multi-day tickets, depending on your itinerary.

This ticket is good for making side trips outside of Amsterdam. The ticket region includes the Waterland fishing villages area, Zaanse Schans – Industrial Heritage area, Amsterdam beaches, Flowers area, Castles/Garden area and the New Land area. This handy map (pdf) from Iamsterdam shows the valid transport options.

You can buy the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket online here. As above, paying in advance is convenient and gives peace-of-mind on arrival and you can purchase anything from 1 to 99 tickets in one transaction. Most payment methods are accepted.

You receive a voucher and simply pick up your pre-purchased tickets at the following points: NS ticket & service desks at at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Amsterdam Central Station or Amsterdam Sloterdijk; at the GVB service points at Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena or Amsterdam Noord.

The ticket is available at Iamsterdam Visitor Centres, AKO newsagent at Schiphol plus Connexxion, EBS, GVB and NS ticket offices.

A 4 day Amsterdam & Region ticket was expected to be introduced at some point, however it hasn’t seemed to be given the go-ahead.

5. Holland Travel Ticket

This ticket was introduced to make it easier for visitors to navigate the Netherlands on one single ticket. It is valid for 1 day on all Dutch public transport in the country including trains (2nd class), buses, trams and metro. You can buy this disposable OV-chip card ticket at service desks and ticket machines at NS rail stations.

The ticket is activated on first check-in and you must check-in and check-out for each journey leg.

The standard Holland Travel Ticket costs €63 and can be used anytime during the day. The off-peak Holland Travel Ticket costs €43 and is not valid for check-in during the 0630-0900 rush hour. You can actually check-in before 0630 and then travel in the rush hour – though you cannot then change transport provider until 0900.

If you plan to do a lot of travelling in the Netherlands on a single day (either in terms of distance or using different forms of transport) then this ticket could offer good value as well as not having to buy separate tickets.

For example, a standard day return from Amsterdam to Maastricht costs just over €50 – so using the off-peak Holland Travel Ticket can save some money and allow multiple stopovers.

However, it is not a good option if you just plan to remain in and around the Amsterdam area.

It is possible to buy the standard Holland Travel Ticket online here for local pick-up (Amsterdam Central or Schiphol airport) – however this will cost €67.50.

6. Waterland Day Ticket

Head out of Amsterdam and visit historic Dutch fishing villages such as Edam, Volendam, Monnickendam and Marken. A Waterland day ticket costs €12.50 for adults, €3 for children 4-11 and is valid the entire day (until 0100) on all EBS buses serving the area. It is not valid on Connexxion buses or night buses.

A few buses depart from Amsterdam Central station – head towards the waterfront IJ-side and at the IJ-hal passageway go up the escalators to the elevated bus terminal. Other EBS buses depart from outside Amsterdam Noord metro sation.

Waterland tickets can be bought at the public transport desk of the OV Servicewinkel shops at Amsterdam Central, EBS bus drivers or the Iamsterdam tourist information at the front side of Amsterdam central station. The card is activated on first check-in, with check-in and check-out required for each trip.

For more see our Waterland Amsterdam page

This EBS ticket is good if you plan just to visit the Waterland area for the day. However the more expensive Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket does gives you more options, including visiting Zaanse Schans and other places of interest.

7. Zaanstreek Day Ticket

Connexxion runs the 391 bus service from Amsterdam Central to Zaanse Schans via Zaandam. A single BTM ticket costs €6.50 so the Zaanstreek day ticket at €11.50 is slightly better value than 2 singles.

Note the ticket is not valid on EBS buses to Waterland – buy the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket instead. You can buy this ticket from the ‘OV Servicewinkel’ shop or ‘Public Transport Tickets’ machines at Amsterdam Central; or buy direct from the driver (cards only, no cash).

To make matters even more complicated EBS and Connexxion also offer the Old Holland Tour ticket on selected dates between April and September. This costs €20.

This is valid on the Connexxion 391 and 891 express service (Amsterdam-Zaanse Schans), EBS buses to/from Waterland, the special 817 bus connecting Volendam/Edam with Zaanse Schans. It also includes a boat trip from Volendam and Marken.

8. OV-Chip Card Credit

This is a re-usable plastic smart card (like London’s Oyster Card) where you can add travel credit onto its “e-purse” and use it for journeys on any mode of Dutch public transport. There are 2 types of OV-chip card available: a so-called anonymous OV-chip card (anyone can buy/use this) or the personal OV-chip card (a personal photo card for Dutch residents).

anonymous ov-chip card
Anonymous OV-chip Card

An anonymous card with zero credit costs €7.50 (non-refundable) and will last 4-5 years.

The anonymous OV-chip card can be purchased at any NS train station (including Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central) and at other transport providers such as GVB. It can also be purchased at newsagents and supermarkets – some cards can be bought already pre-loaded with credit.

When purchasing an “empty” card from a transport provider, you should load some credit (at least €10-€20, maximum allowed is €150) onto the e-purse of the card – it can then be used for travel on any form of public transport in Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Note that some cards may need to be pre-activated for use on the rail network at a NS ticket desk or machine.

OV-chip card fares are calculated at fixed rates based on distance travelled. Travelling with the e-purse on buses/metro/trams tends to be a little cheaper than buying single tickets. You will need a minimum of €4 e-purse credit which is taken off as a deposit on check-in; at check-out the €4 is refunded and the standard fare is deducted from the card balance.

For GVB travel in Amsterdam, there is a fixed boarding fee of €0.99 and then a variable distance fee of €0.174 per km which is actually calculated to every 50 metres of travel. What this means is a 3km journey will cost about €1.51; a 10km trip costs €2.73 – cheaper than the €3.20 disposable 1 hour ticket above.

If you need to make a transfer you must check-out and then check back in – if this is within 35 minutes you do not pay the boarding fee again.

For train travel, the standard one-way fare is charged. You need a minimum of €20 e-purse credit on the card to check-in at a station. As above, the €20 is initially taken off as a deposit and is returned on check-out with the one-way fare taken off the card balance. If you fail to check-out you will lose the €20.

We would probably advise short-term visitors to stick to single, day and multi-day tickets as mentioned earlier – particularly as the initial €7.50 fee for the OV-chip card is non-refundable.

The anonymous OV-chip card may be suitable for visitors who plan longer stays in the country with lots of public transport trips or those planning multiple visits to the Netherlands.

The OV-chip card can be useful in not having to buy separate tickets each time. You do need to keep a careful eye on the e-purse balance to ensure that minimum credit is available, especially for train travel.

The anonymous card can also be used by other people though not at the same time – everyone travelling together must have their own card.

Want to refund the card balance on an anonymous OV-chip card? It’s possible over-the-counter at a ticket office (NS, GVB etc) but the procedure is overly bureaucratic and you will lose the initial €7.50 card fee. As long as the card balance is under €30, you get the credit back (minus a €1 service fee) by filling in a form and showing ID. For balances above €30, you would need a Dutch bank account.

The personal OV-chip card (costs €7.50, lasts 5 years) is for residents who register their details and it contains a photo of the holder with name and date-of-birth. It can be linked to a Dutch bank account for automatic top-ups and can be blocked if lost or stolen. Residents of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg are also able to purchase a personal card.

9. NS Train Tickets

There are a number of train stations in Amsterdam (see: train network map of Amsterdam) and the railway can sometimes be a fast and useful way to travel around the periphery of the city as well as getting to the airport.

For train travel in the Netherlands you will also need the OV-chip card – either a disposable ticket (with €1 surcharge) or e-purse credit from a personal or anonymous OV-chip card as described above.

Disposable tickets can be either one-ways or day returns – for travel that day or on a future specified date up to 1 week ahead. Children aged 4-11 can buy a Rail Runner ticket which costs €2.50 and is valid the entire day on any train in 2nd class (or in 1st class if accompanied by a 1st class adult ticket holder).

The standard fare between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central is €4.60 + a €1 fee for a disposable ticket.

For a detailed overview of rail tickets check our How to Buy a Dutch Train Ticket guide. also now offers e-tickets for sale with payment by iDeal (Dutch internet banking) or credit card.

10. Airport Bus Tickets

Amsterdam Airport Express bus 397 operates between Schiphol and Elandsgracht in central Amsterdam. It does not run to/from Amsterdam Central station. A single Bus Tram Metro (BTM) ticket costs €6.50, a child (4-11) day ticket costs €1.

Tickets can be bought from the driver or at the Schiphol tickets & info red van (bus stop B9-15). You can also buy a return ticket for €11.25 online here

11. Iamsterdam City Card

For those who like the idea of a combined transport ticket and free entry to attractions, the Iamsterdam City Card could be an option. Aimed at visitors, this official pass offers unlimited GVB transport within Amsterdam and entry to the likes of the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. A free canal cruise is also included.

Validity options are 24 hours (€65), 48 hours (€85), 72 hours (€105), 96 hours (€120), 120 hours (€130). Although not cheap if used carefully it can lead to savings – and you avoid the hassle of buying tickets each time. Book the Iamsterdam City Card online here

Amsterdam Travel with Discounts

Apart from some child products, non-resident visitors are NOT entitled to any discounts on public transport. Discounts are only available for eligible residents with a personal OV-chip card – those aged 4-11 and 65+ will automatically receive a 34% discounted fare rate when using the e-purse on their card.

Cheap child day tickets are available with GVB transport, NS trains and Connexxion/EBS buses. Note that the Amsterdam/Amsterdam & Region/Holland Travel Tickets do not have a discounted child version. It may be cheaper to buy separate child tickets instead as a substitute.

For residents with a personal OV-chip card who are regular travellers there is the Altijd Korting (Always Discount) product option available to purchase for €19.50 per month or €195 per year. It gives the holder a 20% discount on bus/metro/tram travel throughout the Netherlands whilst students aged 12-18 get a 40% discount. It is not valid for discounts on NS trains.

GVB Flex is a new monthly subscription product from GVB which gives discounted travel in Amsterdam. The main feature is that you can travel anywhere in the Netherlands without the need of using the balance on an OV-chip card. Instead you are invoiced each month. There are 3 products:

Start Flex costs €2.50 per month and gives 20% discount on GVB after 2000. Flex costs €6.00 per month and gives 20% discount on GVB all day. Extra Flex costs €14.00 per month and gives 40% discount on GVB all day. It is possible to switch subscriptions each month.

Other Amsterdam Public Transport Ticket Types

Night Bus Tickets – A single ride on a GVB night bus costs €4.70. It can be bought from the driver (no cash accepted) as a disposable OV-chip ticket or added as a product onto an anonymous or personal OV-chip card. The card is valid for 90 minutes and includes transfers to other GVB night buses.

It is also possible to load 12 night bus rides as a product on a anonymous / personal OV-chip card – this costs €35.20 (effectively €2.93 per ride). The 12 trip product is valid for 1 year.

Night bus tickets on Connexxion and EBS buses cost €5.00 (disposable ticket) or €4.50 if using an anonymous or personal OV-chip card.

A regional night bus ticket (valid in the greater Amsterdam region) costs €8.

Monthly/Annual GVB Tickets – If you are resident in Amsterdam and need to commute or travel regularly then there is the option of buying a monthly GVB Only season ticket (€100) or an annual GVB Only season ticket (€1,000). These are only valid on GVB transport (day and night) and must be added to a personal OV-chip card.

GVB Bicycle Ticket – Bikes can be taken onto tram 26 or the metro but only outside the rush hour (0700-0900/1600-1830). A bicycle ticket costs €1.80 and is valid for the entire day. It can be added as a supplement to a personal or anonymous OV-chip card. Alternatively there is a disposable 1 hour card + bicycle which costs €5.

NS Bicycle Ticket – Bikes can travel on trains outside the weekday rush hours; and at anytime at weekends and during July and August. A bicycle ticket (€7.50) is required which is valid for 1 day. You must store your bike in the special carriages labelled with the bike sign. Folded bikes can be carried for free.

Don’t forget, you also need a valid train ticket for travel as well!

Where To Buy GVB Tickets

Day and multiday GVB tickets can be purchased online here. You can also purchase any GVB public transport ticket type at the “GVB Tram Bus Metro Ferry” Service & Tickets office outside Amsterdam Central station (city side), next to the Iamsterdam Visitor Centre.

gvb ticket office amsterdam central
GVB Ticket Office at Amsterdam Central

There are similar GVB Service & Tickets offices at the following stations: Amsterdam Bijlmer-ArenA, Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Zuid and Station Noord. GVB tickets can also be purchased over-the-counter at service points at the following shops/newsagents: Primera, AKO, Vivant, Techador, Cigo and Bruna.

GVB automatic ticket machines accept cash (coins and notes) and debit/credit cards and can be found at all metro stations and stops. There are also GVB vending machines along some tram stops – these only accept card payments.

There are also special public transport ticket machines and GVB ticket machines located at Amsterdam Central:

public transport ticket machine amsterdam
Public transport and GVB ticket machines at Amsterdam Central

For more info on transport in Amsterdam see: Trams in Amsterdam and Metro Map of Amsterdam

This article was first published in 2010 and has been continuously updated since then. Last update 1 June 2021.

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