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Airport Transport Network Map of the Netherlands

Below is our exclusive network map for transportation to/from airports located centrally in the Netherlands.

It covers 4 airports:

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) - major European airport hub.
Rotterdam-The Hague (RTM) - 2nd airport of the Netherlands.
Eindhoven (EIN) - significant network of budget airline flights.
Lelystad Airport (LEY) - the country's busiest general aviation airport; undergoing expansion to handle budget airline flights from 2018.

The map provides a visual overview of how to connect onto the Dutch NS rail network from each airport. Whilst Schiphol airport has its own train station, a local bus journey (or taxi) is required from Eindhoven, Rotterdam-The Hague and Lelystad airports.

The rail network map highlights how to reach some of the principal cities in Netherlands - those located in the central Randstad area and the southern province of Brabant. It also shows the high speed rail line which is used by Thalys and Intercity Direct trains.

Note there is also a coach service between Eindhoven airport and Amsterdam which runs via Utrecht. The map also highlights Sloterdijk and Duivendrecht stations in Amsterdam from where international coach services run.

airport transport network map netherlands

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