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HEMA – cheap breakfast in Amsterdam?

Dutch general store HEMA used to offer a very cheap breakfast. As inflation has surged the price has crept up over the years – so it is certainly not the bargain it once was. However, if you still are looking for a basic budget breakfast in Amsterdam (or any city in the Netherlands) it remains an option.

HEMA breakfast is available between 0900 and 1000 on Monday to Saturdays at its larger stores that have a restaurant inside.

hema restaurant amsterdam
HEMA restaurant Amsterdam

HEMA offers a ‘pick&mix’ breakfast priced as follows:

Warm drink (small coffee/small cappuccino/tea) €1.50
Boiled egg €0.75
Banana €1
Croissant with jam €1.75
Pain au chocolat €1.50
Cheese roll €1.50
Ham roll €1.50
Fresh orange juice €1.75
Greek yogurt with banana and granola €3
Bagel with omelet and tomato €3
Banana-spelt pancakes with yogurt and raspberry €3

HEMA restaurants are self-service so you grab a tray and choose what you want.

hema restaurant amsterdam - breakfast counter
HEMA Amsterdam – self-service breakfast counter
hema breakfast selection
HEMA Amsterdam – breakfast selection (1)
hema breakfast continued selection
HEMA Amsterdam – breakfast selection (2)

So if you don’t have breakfast included at your accommodation, then you may want to consider the HEMA breakfast. It’s not exactly Michelin-star cuisine – it’s pretty average to be fair but it will certainly keep you going for a few hours.

Note, the coffee is not barista-made, more the push button variety.

hema restaurant amsterdam nieuwendijk
HEMA restaurant Amsterdam Nieuwendijk

HEMA is a well known general store in the Netherlands which sells a variety of own branded products including home/houseware, clothes and food. It is renowned for its rookworst, a smoked sausage.

HEMA has 20 stores in Amsterdam but only the following 3 stores have cafés which offer the breakfast:

Nieuwendijk 174-176 (shopping street parallel to Damrak)
Osdorpplein 626 (Osdorp)
Buikslotermeerplein 197 (Amsterdam North)

For visitors the Nieuwendijk store is the best option, as it is located right in the heart of Amsterdam. The restaurant is spacious with lots of natural light and can be found upstairs.

hema 1 euro breakfast (2012)From 2012 HEMA was offering the breakfast for just €1 – this included a hot drink, croissant with jam, omelet or bacon baguette and an orange juice.

Following this the price went up to €2 prior to the breakfast being priced by item.

Last updated 20 January 2023. This article was first published in 2012 and has been regularly updated. Please note, prices can change beyond our control.

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