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Cheap HEMA Breakfast (2 euros) in Amsterdam!

If you are looking for a budget breakfast in Amsterdam – or any main town in the Netherlands – then head over to Dutch shop HEMA between 0900 and 1000 on Monday to Saturdays.

HEMA sells a basic 2 euro pick & mix breakfast (ontbijt) which is made up of a 5 items. You can also choose 6 items for €2.50 and 7 items for €2.75.

The HEMA breakfast can be made up from the following items:

Drinks: small coffee or cappuccino, tea or fresh orange juice (only 1 hot drink is allowed)

Breads: white/brown baguette roll or croissant

Other items: boiled egg, omelet, sliced cheese, tuna salad spread, ham, cheese spread, butter, filet americain (raw beef spread), strawberry jam, yogurt-granola and fresh fruit salad.

Note, the omelet currently has a €0.25 surcharge.

The breakfast shown in the photo at the top of the page was a previous version that cost a grand total of €3.50 (we really pushed the boat out there!)

The HEMA breakfast deal is excellent value – particularly when you consider that some hotels in the city charge anything up to 30 euros per person for a breakfast.

So if you don’t have breakfast included at your accommodation and are looking to save a few euros, then consider the HEMA breakfast. It’s not exactly Michelin-star cuisine – it’s pretty average to be fair but it will certainly keep you going for a few hours.

HEMA is a well known general store in the Netherlands which sells a variety of own branded products including home/houseware, clothes and food. It is renowned for its rookworst, a smoked sausage.

hema store amsterdam nieuwendijk

HEMA has 18 stores in Amsterdam but only the following 3 stores have cafés which serve the breakfast (the first 2 listed located in the city centre):

Nieuwendijk 174-176 (shopping street parallel to Damrak)
Osdorpplein 626 (Osdorp)
Buikslotermeerplein 197 (Amsterdam North)

IKEA also offers a similar 1 euro breakfast (croissant and jam, roll with cheese slice and boiled egg, cappuccino/filter coffee/tea) between 0930 and 1030. IKEA is located out of the city in south-east Amsterdam – the address is Hullenbergweg 2 –  so you need to take metro 50 or 54 to station Bullewijk.

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