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Museums in Amsterdam with Free Entry for Children

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam with children? The following is a listing of museums in Amsterdam that give children and young adults free entry.

As you will see below, there is a wide discrepancy of age ranges for museums offering free entrance. By careful planning you could potentially save a significant amount of money.

Amsterdam has a wide-range of museums that can provide visual, historical and educational stimulus for kids as well as plenty of fun activities.

There are 10 museums which give free entrance to those aged 17 and under – Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk, Amsterdam Museum @H’ART, COBRA Museum, EYE Film, Huis Marseille, Luther Museum, the Royal Palace, Van Gogh Museum and Willet-Holthuysen House. These could be the ones to target if you are on a tight budget.

children at the nightwatch rijksmuseum amsterdam
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

There are a further 9 museums offering free entry up to 12 years old including the ARTIS Groote Museum, ARTIS Micropia, Diamond Museum, FOAM, Maritime Museum and STRAAT Museum.

It should be noted that the museums and attractions that are of particular special interest to children – such as NEMO Science Museum, ARTIS Zoo and Johan Cruyff ArenA – only allow very young children free entry.

nemo science museum laboratory
NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam

If you wish to visit some of these it may be worth investing in an I Amsterdam City Card for you and your child(ren) – this offers free entry to most of Amsterdam’s main museums and attractions and we have marked this in the table below. You can get value from this card but only if you plan to visit multiple museums.

Alternatively, the GO City card offers a children’s version of their card – however the selection of attractions is less than the I Amsterdam card.

Most museums + city transport
Includes children’s version
iamsterdam city card appgo city
I amsterdam City CardGO City Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass
1/2/3/4/5 days1/2/3/5 days
€60 – €125€59 – €124
70 attractions + transport + canal cruise + bike rentalOver 25 attractions/tours + canal cruise + bike rental
excludes Anne Frank House / Van Gogh Museum / tours
excludes Anne Frank House / Van Gogh Museum / transport
Book here Book here
I amsterdam City Card infoGO City Amsterdam Pass info

Dutch residents should certainly invest in a Museumkaart for themselves and their children. Since this card is valid on an annual basis it is easy to get good value. Note, this card is difficult for non-residents to purchase.

Many Amsterdam museums offer special activities (such as treasure hunts) for children.

Also note that 3 museums have a separate children’s section – the Verzetsmuseum Junior, the Wereldmuseum Junior and the Jewish Museum Junior.

Free Child Entrance to Museums in Amsterdam (with age range)

IAMS = I Amsterdam City Card / MK = Museumkaart / GO = Go City Amsterdam All Inclusive

Rijksmuseum0-18IAMS  GO  MK
Stedelijk Museum0-18IAMS  GO  MK
Amsterdam Museum @H’ART0-17IAMS  MK
COBRA Museum0-17IAMS  MK
EYE Film Exhibition
0-17IAMS  MK
Huis Marseille
0-17IAMS  MK
Luther Museum
0-17IAMS  MK
Royal Palace
Van Gogh Museum
Willet-Holthuysen House
0-17IAMS  MK
Diamond Museum0-12IAMS  GO  MK
FOAM Photography Museum
0-12IAMS  MK
Groote Museum @ARTIS
0-12IAMS  MK
Micropia @ARTIS
0-12IAMS  MK
National Maritime Museum0-12IAMS  GO  MK
Museum of the Mind (Outsider Art)0-12IAMS  MK
STRAAT Museum0-12
Tot Zover Museum0-12IAMS  MK
Van Eesteren Museum0-12MK
Cat Cabinet
H’ART Museum Amsterdam
0-11IAMS  MK
Nieuwe Kerk
0-11IAMS  MK
Embassy of the Free Mind0-10IAMS  MK
Anne Frank House
0-9 (€1 supplement)
Our House0-6GO
MOCO Museum0-6IAMS  GO
RTXP Amsterdam0-6GO
Verzets Resistance Museum
Body Worlds Amsterdam0-5
Da Vinci Genius0-5IAMS  MK
Fashion For Good Museum
Jewish Cultural Quarter
Museum of the Canals
Oude Kerk
Rembrandt House Museum
Van Loon Museum
Wereldmuseum Amsterdam
The Allard Pierson0-4IAMS  MK
Fabrique des Lumières 0-4
Houseboat Museum0-4IAMS  GO
Johan Cruyff ArenA Stadium Tour
Museum Vrolik0-4
Nxt Museum0-4
Op Solder Museum0-4IAMS  MK
Het Schip Museum
NEMO Science Museum0-3IAMS  MK
Rembrandt’s Amsterdam0-3GO
Living Horse Museum
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
The Upside Down Amsterdam
WONDR Experience Amsterdam0-2

These days many museums/attractions are charging anything up to €28 for standard entrance with a slight discount for older children. It does make some sense to plan your itinerary carefully in order to benefit from some of the more generous free children’s entry policies.

Last updated 16 January 2024. This article was first published in 2013 and has been regularly updated.

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