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Is There a Left Luggage Facility at Amsterdam Central Station?

Yes, you will find a large left luggage facility itself at Amsterdam Central station. There are also a couple of alternative baggage storage places a short walk away from the station.

Amsterdam Central Station Left Luggage

Amsterdam Central station has automated left luggage lockers located in the eastern passageway near the front entrance (city) side. You can simply follow the signs with the suitcase symbol and then enter the tunnel marked ‘BAGAGE‘ next to the staircase up to platform 2.

amsterdam central station left luggage
Left luggage locker facility at Amsterdam Central station

Around Amsterdam Central there are a few map boards which give an overview of the station layout. However the location of the luggage lockers is not immediately obvious. Here is an image of the map where we have highlighted the lockers in green.

amsterdam central station map luggage lockers
Amsterdam Central station map highlighting luggage lockers (green dot)

There are 2 sizes of lockers available – small lockers (85cm deep x 45cm high x 35cm wide) which should suffice for standard size luggage and large lockers (85cm x 60cm x 35cm) suitable for bigger suitcases.

Lockers are generally available for rent for up to 3 days.

lockers at amsterdam central station
Amsterdam Central station baggage lockers

Current costs for a 24 hour rental are €8.50 for a small locker and €11.50 for a large locker. For the 2nd and 3rd day you will then pay €12.75 per day (small) and €17.25 per day (large).

After the 3 day you will pay the penalty rate of €17 per day (small) and €23 per day (large). Your luggage may be removed from the locker after 3 days and you will pay a €70 rate to get it shipped to your home.

How to Rent a Locker at Amsterdam Central

  • Find an empty locker, place your things inside and shut the door – an indicator light turns red. Memorise the locker number/colour (or take a photo).
  • Go to one of the automatic pay terminals found between the lockers and check the locker number. You pay for the first 24 hours – the machines accept debit/credit cards (V-Pay, Maestro, Visa or Mastercard) but note – they do not take cash.
  • On payment your locker automatically locks and you should get a ticket with barcode receipt with your locker number. Double check that your locker is locked.
  • Don’t lose the ticket as you need it to access your locker when you come back. There is a €10 charge if you lose it.
  • When you come back to collect your luggage scan your ticket at the machine and it will check if any extra charge is required. On payment (or if within 24 hours) the locker opens automatically – and your locker rental is over.

Tips: When closing the locker make sure you have everything you need with you as once it’s locked that’s it. Your rental expires once you open the locker door!

Also, if you need multiple day storage then it is cheaper to come back each time and pay for separate 24 hour periods.

Opening hours: 0500-0045; assistance available 0700-2300. Cases may be screened by security.

Remember that many hotels will store your bags for you after check-out if you are departing later in the day.

Other specialist left-luggage services in Amsterdam

There can be times when the official station luggage lockers are all taken. You may wish to consider some alternative luggage storage service points in the vicinity of the station.


You can find the Drop&Go luggage storage service just opposite Amsterdam Central station. It is located on Prins Hendrikkade near the large St Nicholas Basilica – a couple of minutes walk from the station.

drop and go left luggage shop amsterdam
Drop&Go near Amsterdam Central

It offers the following facilities:

  • Luggage storage at a 24 hour rate of €8 for a cabin/hand-luggage (max 40x55cm); €12 for a larger size suitcase (55x65cm); €16 for extra large suitcases (>65cm). You will get a receipt which you must produce when collecting your bags.
  • There is the possibility for charging electronic devices, printing out boarding passes and weighing luggage.
  • Key pick-up location for some Amsterdam apartment rentals.
  • Personal service with staff on hand.

Drop&Go Amsterdam is currently open 0900-2100. The address is Prins Hendrikkade 86 (souterrain level), next door to the Batavia cafe. Telephone: +31(0)20 2233648.


Lockerpoint is a luggage storage service in Amsterdam with 8 locations around the city.

lockerpoint amsterdam
Lockerpoint at Museumplein Amsterdam

There is one located near Amsterdam Central station at the Q-Park underground parking garage at Prins Hendrikkade 20A, 1012 TL Amsterdam.

For a 24 hour period it charges €7 for a medium locker (30cm x 35cm x 60cm), €9 for a large locker (50cm x 33.5cm x 78cm) and €11 for a XL locker (86cm x 35cm x 60cm).

The location is accessible for 24 hours each day (although a QR code from its website is required to enter the area). It is possible to pay by debit/credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Apple Pay. Cash is not accepted. Telephone: +31(0)20 2218920.

Lockerpoint also has locations at Damrak 247 (near Beurs van Berlage), Marie Heinekenplein, Museumplein, Vijzelstraat, Sloterdijk and ArenAPoort.

This article was originally published in 2012 and has continuously been updated. Last update 19 December 2023.

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