Weather in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The weather in Amsterdam is a mixed bag and you can expect dull grey skies, regular rain showers, fresh windy gusts as well as the occasional lovely sunny day! In general the Netherlands has a temperate, oceanic climate with cool winters and mild summers.

So when is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam? The city is a year round destination, however late spring and early summer can be a wonderful time if you are lucky with the weather. In May, June and July the days are long with the sun rising before 0600 and setting around 2200.

With around 133 days of rain per year you should always be prepared to get wet regardless of season. It makes sense to have a light rain jacket available even in the warmest months. The wettest period of the year is August to November – see Things To Do When it Rains in Amsterdam

Despite the proverbial April showers mantra, April is actually the driest month in Amsterdam!

Temperatures are warm and manageable in the summer though expect some cooler periods and also days when the thermometer creeps over the 30°C (86°F) mark. It’s best to dress in layers so you can easily adjust to the variable conditions.

You should bring a thicker coat for the cold winter months when the temperature can fall below zero. Snow can fall at anytime between December and March. The wind chill can make the temperature feel even colder so bring a scarf, gloves and hat.

The days are short in December with sunrise just before 0900 and sunset at around 1630. Although gloomy, snow and ice can make Amsterdam’s canals very picturesque. And you can always warm yourself up in one of Amsterdam’s cosy (gezellig) cafés.

amsterdam weather in winter

The weather can cause travel disruptions at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Occasional high winds or snowfall can cause some runways to close which leads to flight delays and cancellations. During days with severe winter weather the Dutch Railways runs a special winter timetable with reduced services.

Amsterdam Weather by Month

Let’s take a look at the expected Amsterdam weather on a month-by-month basis. Climate figures are averages sourced from the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) which has a weather station at Schiphol Airport.

We will look at the average daily maximum and minimum temperatures expected in Amsterdam, the total monthly rainfall and sunshine hours.

amsterdam temperatures rainfall
Amsterdam Weather: Max/Min Average Daily Temperatures & Total Monthly Rainfall

Amsterdam Weather in January

Coldest month, gloomy, short days, chance of snow, some crisp sunshine
Max Temp: 5.8°C (42°F), Min Temp 0.8°C (33°F), Average Temp 3.4°C (38°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 66mm
Total Sunshine Hours 63 (2.0 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in February

Coldest min temperature, lessening rainfall, chance of snow, some crisp sunshine
Max Temp: 6.3°C (43°F), Min Temp 0.5°C (33°F), Average Temp 3.5°C (38°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 51mm
Total Sunshine Hours 88 (3.1 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in March

Warming temperatures with cold snaps, brief snow still possible
Max Temp: 9.6°C (49°F), Min Temp 2.6°C (37°F), Average Temp 6.1°C (43°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 61mm
Total Sunshine Hours 126 (4.1 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in April

Early spring, fewer sub-zero nights, warm periods possible, driest month
Max Temp: 13.5°C (56°F), Min Temp 4.6°C (40°F), Average Temp 9.1°C (48°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 41mm
Total Sunshine Hours 183 (6.1 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in May

Mild temperatures, most total sunshine hours, cool nights
Max Temp: 17.4°C (63°F), Min Temp 8.2°C (47°F), Average Temp 12.9°C (55°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 56mm
Total Sunshine Hours 222 (7.2 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in June

Mildly warm temperatures, long days, spells of wet and grey conditions
Max Temp: 19.7°C (67°F), Min Temp 10.8°C (51°F), Average Temp 15.4°C (60°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 66mm
Total Sunshine Hours 206 (6.9 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in July

Warmest month, long days, occasional rain, mildly cool nights
Max Temp: 22.0°C (72°F), Min Temp 13.0°C (55°F), Average Temp 17.6°C (64°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 77mm
Total Sunshine Hours 217 (7.0 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in August

Still warm but cools off as month progresses, chances of rain
Max Temp: 22.1°C (72°F), Min Temp 12.8°C (55°F), Average Temp 17.5°C (64°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 86mm
Total Sunshine Hours 197 (6.4 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in September

Mild but cooling temperatures, start of autumnal weather
Max Temp: 18.8°C (66°F), Min Temp 10.6°C (51°F), Average Temp 14.7°C (58°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 82mm
Total Sunshine Hours 139 (4.7 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in October

Cooling with wet and windy conditions, last, brief warm sunshine of the year
Max Temp: 14.5°C (58°F), Min Temp 7.5°C (46°F), Average Temp 11.0°C (52°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 90mm
Total Sunshine Hours 109 (3.5 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in November

Shortening days, cool and wet, occasional sun, snow/sleet showers possible
Max Temp: 9.7°C (49°F), Min Temp 4.2°C (40°F), Average Temp 7.1°C (45°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 87mm
Total Sunshine Hours 62 (2.1 hours/day)

Amsterdam Weather in December

Shortest days, cold, generally gloomy weather
Max Temp: 6.4°C (44°F), Min Temp 1.5°C (35°F), Average Temp 4.0°C (39°F)
Total Monthly Rainfall 76mm
Total Sunshine Hours 51 (1.6 hours/day)

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