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Parking in Amsterdam


We wouldn't normally recommend driving in Amsterdam for visitors - one reason is that parking is limited and quite expensive in the city centre. However if you must bring your car into Amsterdam then here is an overview of parking options available.

Street Parking: If you park somewhere on a street in Amsterdam then you will need to pay for a ticket at a parking meter. You now have to input your vehicle registration (number plate) into the meter - there is no longer a need to display a ticket - although a receipt can be requested. Note that payment can only be made by either Dutch 'PIN' debit cards or international credit cards (Mastercard/Visa/Amex) - coins are no longer accepted.

car parking amsterdamparking meter amsterdam

Amsterdam is split into various zones that have different on-street parking rates. The inner centre is the most expensive at €5 per hour - although parking for longer periods does lower this rate. From 0900, parking day rates Mon-Sat cost €30 (until 1900), €36 (until 2100) and €45 (until midnight). Sunday rates are €21, €27 and €36 respectively.

street parking rates amsterdam

As you get further away from the centre the hourly tariff reduces (generally €4 down to €1.40). Note that for the time being, electric vehicles (not hybrids) can park for free in Amsterdam centre - there are over 1,000 charging points around town, with plans for a total of 4,000 by 2018.

Some residential streets may be reserved for permit holders (vergunninghouders) only - do check the signs. Traffic wardens patrol the city and have the power to issue tickets (fine: €55.50), clamp illegally parked vehicles or tow away persistent offenders.

Do take care when parking next to a canal!

Car Parks (Parkeergarages): There are a number of off-street car parks in the centre of Amsterdam.

p1 car park amsterdam

The largest and cheapest car park in central Amsterdam is Parking Centrum Oosterdok which charges a fixed €10 for 5-24 hours. It is located just east of central station.

P1 Amsterdam Centre (pictured left, opposite central station) offers a pre-booked online rate of €20 for 24 hours.

The following is a list of car parks within Amsterdam city centre:

Car Park AddressSpacesTariff
Parking Centrum OosterdokOosterdoksstraat 150 1355€1.50 for 20mins, day €10
P1 Amsterdam CentrePrins Hendrikkade 20434€5 for 60mins, day €20-€55
Parking Waterlooplein Valkenburgerstraat 238213€5 for 60mins, day €30
Q Park De BijenkorfBeursplein 15 487€2 for 21mins, day €50
Q Park ByzantiumTesselschadestraat 1G 450€2 for 20mins, day €68
Q Park EuroparkingMarnixstraat 250 700€2 for 26mins, day €40
Q Park De KolkNieuwezijds Kolk 18 400€2 for 21mins, day €50
Q Park MuseumpleinVan Baerlestraat 33b234€2 for 20mins, day €50
MarkenhovenAnne Frankstraat 220 352€0.50 for 7mins, day €47.50
Piet Heingarage Piet Heinkade 59 588€0.50 for 7mins, day €47.50
Stadhuis-MuziektheaterWaterlooplein 28400€0.50 for 7mins, day €47.50
APCOA GeelvinckSingel 540 60€4.50 for 60mins, day €49.50
APCOA Heinekenplein1e van der Helststraat 6259€2.30 for 30mins, day €42


A few options for car parks just outside Amsterdam centre:

Car Park AddressSpacesTariff
P1 Olympic Stadium Olympisch Stadion 44600€0.50 for 9mins, day €50
Q Park ComeniusstraatComeniusstraat ~10 102€1.45 for 60mins, day €9
Q Park EurocenterBarbara Strozzilaan 342 235€2 for 25mins, day €40
Q Park MahlerAaron Coplandstraat 81800€2 for 21mins, day €48
Q Park OranjekwartierCarnapstraat 234€1.80 for 60mins, day €18
Q Park WesterparkVan Bleiswijkstraat 8 480€2 for 35mins, day €30
P2 BomengarageBuikslotermeerplein 237 448€0.20 for 20mins, day €10
RAI Parking Amsterdam RAI2,300day €16.50


p+r parking amsterdam

Park & Ride (P+R) Scheme: Amsterdam has 7 Park & Ride locations around the city ring road A10 where you can park for 24 hours from as little as €1. On arrival you receive a parking ticket. Parking rates (2015) are as follows:

For arrival between 0400 and 1000 Mon-Fri: €8 for first 24 hours, then €1 per 24 hours up to 4 days total.

If you arrive after 1000 Mon-Fri or anytime at weekends: €1 for each 24 hours, up to 4 days total.

If you stay longer than the maximum 4 day period then higher hourly parking charges will apply.

The P+R parking tariff is only based on travelling to the centre by public transport using an OV-chip card (smart card). You can either use your own card or purchase up to 5 special P+R GVB OV-chip cards at the at the blue P+R ticket machines at the following prices:

P+R GVB OV-ChipPrice
1 card €5
2 cards €5
3 cards €5.90
4 cards €6.80
5 cards €7.70


These cards are valid for 1 hour each way for your outward and return journey between the P+R facility and central Amsterdam. They can only be used on GVB trams, metro and buses - they are not valid for travel on NS trains or Connexxion bus services.

Note, if you want to take the train to/from the centre you must use your own OV-chip card - paper train tickets are not valid for the P+R rate.

When you return to the P+R car park you should pay at the ticket machine by entering your parking ticket and scanning you OV-chip card - this is to ensure that you have complied with the travel terms and that you indeed qualify for the P+R parking rate.

Directions to the Park & Rides are clearly marked on the A10. P+R locations are as follows with public transport options for trams (T), metro (M) and buses (B):

P+R Location Address/ExitSpacesPublic Transport
Sloterdijk Piarcoplein 1, 1043 DW / S102200T: 12 M: 50 B: 48 + Train
Bos and LommerLeeuwendalerweg 23B, 1055 JE / S104/S105100T: 7/14 B: 15
RAIEuropaplein (RAI), 1087 GZ / S109678T: 4 M: 51
Olympic StadiumStadionplein 44, 1076 DE / S108250T: 16/24
ArenA Burg. Stramanweg 130, 1101 EP / Oudekerk (A2/A9) 500M: 50/54 + Train
VUmc (weekend) Gustav Mahlerlaan 3004, 1081 LA / S108450T: 5, M: 51
Zeeburg I/II Zuiderzeeweg 46A, 1095 KJ / S114600T: 26 B: 37/245


Amsterdam's P+R car parks are generally open daily, 24 hours per day. The exception is VUmc which is a weekend P+R only - open Friday 1800 to Monday 0400.

In addition, be aware of any major events happening at either the ArenA/Ziggo Dome, Olympic Stadium or RAI will mean the respective P+R there is closed that day.

There are P+R parking schemes in place all over the country - many are free. For parking at the airport see our note on Schiphol airport tips

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