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International Travel to Amsterdam (‘COVID-19’ update)

The stringent measures against the so-called ‘COVID-19’ coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the travel industry. As of 15 June 2020, visitors from most EU countries are able visit the Netherlands. From 1 July 2020, visitors from outside the EU will be allowed but under certain regulations.

For official guidelines to visitors please refer to the Dutch government portal here

The following below gives an overview of the current situation concerning international transport to the Netherlands.

International Trains

Intercity Brussels – The standard timetable for the Amsterdam-Brussels service is in effect.

ICE – The standard timetable is running for Amsterdam-Frankfurt via Dusseldorf and Cologne.

IC Berlin – Then standard timetable is also running for the Amsterdam-Berlin train service.

Thalys – The high speed train between Paris and Amsterdam via Brussels is running a limited service. Between 9 June and 11 July 2020 there are only 2x daily trains running each way:

Amsterdam-Paris Nord
Thalys 9322 (every day except on Sunday) and Thalys 9364

Paris Nord-Amsterdam
Thalys 9327 (every day except on Sunday) and Thalys 9369

From 12 July until 29 August 2020 the frequency will be increased to 3-5x daily depending on the day of the week:

Amsterdam-Paris Nord
Monday to Thursday: 4 Trains ( Thalys 9303* : departure Brussels, Thalys 9321, Thalys 9339, Thalys 9351, Thalys 9369).
Friday : 5 Trains (Thalys 9303* : departure Brussels, Thalys 9327, Thalys 9339, Thalys 9351, Thalys 9369, Thalys 9375).
Saturday : 3 Trains (Thalys, 9327, Thalys 9339, Thalys 9369).
Sunday : 4 Trains (Thalys 9327, Thalys 9339, Thalys 9351, Thalys 9369).

Paris Nord-Amsterdam
Monday to Thursday: 4 Trains (Thalys 9322, Thalys 9340, Thalys 9358, Thalys 9382, Thalys 9394 : terminates Brussels).
Friday : 5 Trains (Thalys 9322, Thalys 9324, Thalys 9340, Thalys 9364, Thalys 9382, Thalys 9394 : terminates Brussels).
Saturday : 3 Trains (Thalys 9322, Thalys 9340, Thalys 9364).
Sunday : 4 Trains (Thalys 9340, Thalys 9358, Thalys 9364, Thalys 9382, Thalys 9394 : terminates Brussels).

Eurostar – There are currently no London to Rotterdam/Amsterdam Eurostar services running and this will be the case until at least 28 June 2020. There is currently only 1 train per day running each way between London and Brussels.

International trains can be booked at the NS International site.

International Buses

International bus services to and from the Netherlands have been suspended. Many services will be resumed during June and July.

Flixbus will restart many European services between 17-19 June 2020. London-Amsterdam will be open from 25 June 2020. Note, Flixbus has recently absorbed Eurolines into its network.

BlaBlaBus will resume services (including Paris-Amsterdam and London-Amsterdam) from 9 July 2020.

Air Travel

Flights are slowly increasing to/from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

KLM is running a limited intercontinental and European timetable from Amsterdam.

Easyjet will resume flights to/from Amsterdam from 1 July 2020.

Transavia are resuming flights to various European destinations from 18-20 June 2020.

Ryanair is currently running a very limited timetable from Amsterdam and will resume 40% of its entire route network from 1 July 2020.

International Ferries

Stena Line is running its Harwich-Hoek van Holland ferry service as normal.

P&O is operating its Hull-Rotterdam ferry service as normal.

DFDS will restart its Newcastle-Amsterdam route on 1 July 2020.

The wearing of masks has been made mandatory on Dutch public transport. Check your travel company if it requires masks for travel.

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