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Supermarkets in Amsterdam


The following is a guide to the various supermarkets (supermarkten) you can find in and around Amsterdam.

Generally you will not find large out-of-town supermarkets or hypermarkets in Netherlands. Most shoppers arrive by foot or bike, so supermarkets tend to be small to medium size stores in residential areas.

Below you will find some tips for shopping in Dutch supermarkets plus a listing of Dutch supermarket brands found in Amsterdam.

Supermarket Shopping Tips in Netherlands

Supermarket prices - Want to know the approximate cost of various food and drink products for sale? See our Dutch Supermarket price guide with English-Dutch translations for everyday items.

Payment - Dutch supermarkets accept cash (notes of €100 or less) or Dutch PIN debit cards. They don't normally accept credit cards. The total price will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents.

Discounts - Some supermarkets offer discounts on fresh items close to their sell-by dates. These are marked by sticker and are generally 35% of 50% off the original price.

Bags - Dutch supermarkets do not offer free plastic bags, although you can take the flimsy fruit/veg polythene bags for free. Strong plastic bags are available for sale (from around €0.35) but it's better to bring your own bag.

Bottle deposits - If you buy glass beer bottles or large plastic water/soft drink bottles you have to pay a refundable deposit (statiegeld) of €0.10 or €0.25 respectively. The empties can be returned to a special machine at any supermarket - put all the bottles in then press the button to get a refund receipt which can be used at the checkout.

Peak hours - Supermarkets in Netherlands can get very busy in the early evenings and on Saturday mornings with long queues forming at the checkout. Try to avoid peak times if at all possible!

Organic - Most supermarkets will sell a limited range of organic (bio) products in store. Amsterdam has a good number of dedicated organic stores -see our Organic Shopping Guide to Amsterdam

Freebies - Some supermarkets offer customers free filter coffee or tea in store. You may also sometimes find samples of cheese and cold-cut meats.

Check the receipt - There can be the occasional discrepancy between marked prices and what goes through at the till. If you spot an error against you then go to the till or service desk and ask for the price difference to be refunded.

By shopping at one of Amsterdam's markets you can sometimes find cheaper prices for fruit/veg and other items than in supermarkets.


Dutch Supermarket Brands:

Albert Heijn - This is the premium supermarket chain in Netherlands, run by the multinational Ahold group. Their stores are reasonably well presented and they focus on quality products, both name brands and own label. They have dozens of locations in the Amsterdam area including a number of smaller Albert Heijn To Go express-style stores. Our experience with some Albert Heijn stores is that at times they don't open enough tills up which means queues can be a bit long.

albert heijn supermarket

Most stores are open daily, the larger ones between 0800 and 2200. The smaller stores have shorter hours on Sunday.

If you are coming to live in the Netherlands then you should probably get an Albert Heijn Bonus card - simply ask for one in store. Presented at check-out, the card gets you discounts on selected items highlighted every week. It can either be used "anonymously" or register your data online for more personal offers. albert heijn bonus kaart


Some selected Albert Heijn store locations in Amsterdam centre:

Store Address Nearest Point(s) of Interest
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 226
Prins Hendrikkade 20
Koningsplein 4
Van Baerlestraat 33a
Westermarkt 21
Jodenbreestraat 21
Stadhouderskade 101
Oostelijke Handelskade 1065
Nieuwmarkt 18
Frederiksplein 1
Haarlemmerdijk 1
Westerstraat 79
Elandsgracht 13A
Overtoom 116-124
Vijzelstraat 113
Cornelis Troostplein 11
Scheldeplein 5
Dam Square/Magna Plaza
Central Station
Flower market/Spui
Anne Frank House/Westerkerk
Rembrandt house
Heineken Experience/Albert Cuyp market
Java/KNSM Islands
FOAM museum
De Pijp
RAI convention center


There are Albert Heijn To Go stores located at the main stations in Amsterdam - Central, Amstel, RAI, Sloterdijk, Zuid and Bijlmer-ArenA. There are also stores on Damrak, Nieuwendijk and Reguliersbreestraat (between Muntplein and Rembrandtplein). Note that prices for products tend to be higher than at the normal stores.

albert heijn to go supermarket

Albert Heijn XL is an expanded version of the standard supermarket store. One can be found at Gelderlandplein 47 (in Buitenveldert, a suburb in the south). There are also XL stores in the outer suburbs of Osdorp and Diemen.

Dirk van den Broek - A popular budget supermarket chain with 12 stores in greater Amsterdam. They tend to be a bit cheaper than Albert Heijn on branded items. Store presentation is slightly more basic. Open on Sundays.

Store Address  
Marie Heinekenplein 25 (De Pijp)
2e Nassaustraat 23
Bilderdijkstraat 126
Meeuwenlaan 76
Mercatorplein 6-13
Bos en Lommerplein 1
Rijnstraat 48
Europaboulevard 19
Sloterkade 110-127
Sierplein 6
Martini van Geffenstraat 41-43
Belgiëplein 106
Kostverlorenhof 80-86 (Amstelveen)
dirk van den broek store

Jumbo - This is a large family-run supermarket chain from the south of Netherlands which has been expanding into the major Randstad cities. The stores have a reasonable quality feel with both branded and own brand items for sale. Prices are a little lower than Albert Heijn.

Jumbo is renowned for excellent customer service/pricing policies. For example, if you find any price discrepancy in store you get that item for free. They also manage checkout queues well. Note, they don't mark down fresh food nearing the sell-by date.

Jumbo is open daily and has 2 stores in Amsterdam and 2 stores in Amstelveen:

Store Address

Westerstraat 98-102 (Jordaan)
Hendrik Jacobszstraat 9
Buitenveldertselaan 184 (Amstleveen)
Groenhof 165 (Amstelveen)

They also have 2 stores in Diemen and one in Ouderkerk-aan-de-Amstel.

ALDI & Lidl - These are the discount supermarket concepts from Germany with very low prices. Store presentation is distinctly no-frills. Quality of the products can be good for the price paid.

Locations of Aldi and Lidl around the Amsterdam area:

ALDI (closed Sundays)Lidl
Nieuwe Weteringstraat 24-28
Admiraal de Ruijterweg 56C
Pijnackerstraat 36
Baarsjesweg 269-273
Gaaspstraat 41
Plein '40 - '45 12
Katrijpstraat 303-305 (Amsterdam North)
Bolestein 41 (Buitenveldert)
Hemonylaan 25 (near Albert Cuyp market)
Tweede Helmersstraat 29 (near Leidseplein)
Sara Burgerhartstraat 80
August Allebeplein 61
Ankerplaats 25 (Amsterdam North)
Zuideinde 278-282 (Amsterdam North)
Delflandplein 196

Marks & Spencer - The British retailer has a store located at Kalverstraat 226 (near Muntplein) which opened in 2013. The store has a food hall which sells a decent range of high quality British and international-themed food. An excellent place to pick up picnic items and takeaway lunches.

marks and spencer amsterdam


There are a number of other mid-range Dutch supermarket chains with a small presence in Amsterdam.

C1000 has stores at Oostelijke Handelskade 1005-1007 (at Winkelcentrum Brazilië near Java/KNSM Island) and also at Kastelenstraat 70 (Buitenveldert) and Buikslotermeerplein 52 (Amsterdam North). Coop has 1 store in Amsterdam's De Pijp area at Eerste Jan Steenstraat 53 (a side street off Ferdinand Bol straat). It also has an Amstelveen store at Lindenlaan 65-69. PLUS has stores at Nageljongenstraat 150 and Ankerplaats 11 (Amsterdam North) and Dorpsplein 10 (Duivendrecht).

Supermarkets at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - There is a small supermarket at Schiphol Plaza called Food Village, accessible to the public - prices are higher than in town. There are also 2 small Albert Heijn To Go outlets.

For other info on shopping check out our guide to Dutch Chain Stores