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Private Jet Charter UK to Netherlands


Private jet travel can be made relatively affordable by a group of people chartering a jet.

It is possible to fly a jet charter to Netherlands from the London area or UK regions for either a day return trip or short stay. Renting a business jet is common for high level corporate types but is also used by people going to sports events and special occasions.

The advantages of private jet charter is that you can drive up to your local airport without the need for check-in, long security lines and being subject to a scheduled timetable and any potential delays. You can be on board the plane in a matter of minutes.

And where private aviation really excels - particularly for travellers on business - is getting to those out-of-the-way airports not served by scheduled airlines and also the ability to make multiple stops in a day. That said, the bulk of air traffic to Netherlands arrives at Amsterdam Schiphol, which also has its own private jet terminal.

private jet terminal amsterdam schiphol

Other secondary airports in the country include Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Groningen, Maastricht, Den Helder, Lelystad and Enschede.

It is possible to charter a jet in 2 ways: the first is using a private jet broker who finds you an available plane. The other is to actually charter a plane from a reliable aircraft operating company who will fly you where you want to go.

You need to specify how many seats you will need as the larger the aircraft the more expensive the rental. The very cheapest type of jet charter will be a very light jet (VLJ) with 4 seats. 2 reputable UK companies which operate such VLJ's are Blink and London Executive Aviation.

Expect a day return from London to Amsterdam on a VLJ to cost around £4,100. That's £1,025 per person for 4 passengers and includes the £80 landing fee at Schiphol. A one-way flight will cost approximately £3,200. The reason the one-way flight is high relative to the day return is that the aircraft still has to fly back to base empty. This means that a day return is the most cost effective use of a jet charter. An overnight stay will increase the cost to about £6,300.

Other UK charter brokers and operators include Air Partner, Hunt & Palmer, TAG Aviation and BookaJet. The main private aviation airports in the south-east UK are Luton, Farnborough and Biggin Hill. There are also small operators around the UK regions.

private jets amsterdam schiphol

Whilst Amsterdam Schiphol remains very well connected to UK by scheduled airliners, private jets can be a great alternative way to travel for a special occasion and costs can be shared among a group of passengers.