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International Rail Map - Amsterdam

Below is our international rail network map for scheduled trains operating to/from Amsterdam Central.

The map covers the following daytime rail services from Amsterdam to Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK:

Thalys - High speed train running from Amsterdam Central to Paris Nord via Antwerp and Brussels. It also runs 2x daily from Amsterdam to Lille Europe via Brussels.

Intercity Brussels - Intercity train service operating 16x daily from Amsterdam to Brussels. The train stops at both Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels airports.

ICE International - Rail service from Amsterdam to Frankfurt via Düsseldorf and Cologne. It also has a 1x daily service which travels onwards to Basel (Switzerland).

Eurostar - High speed train from London St Pancras to Lille Europe, Paris Nord and Brussels Zuid/Midi which goes through the channel tunnel. Amsterdam passengers connect in Brussels onto the Thalys or Intercity.

IC Berlin - German (DB Bahn) intercity service from Amsterdam to Berlin via Hannover.

For a more detailed summary which also includes night trains please see: International Trains To / From Amsterdam

international rail map amsterdam

Note, the map does not include the summer Zon Thalys (Amsterdam-Marseille), the winter Ski-Thalys (Amsterdam-Bourg St Maurice) nor the various night train services.

How To Book Tickets:

You can check timetables, prices and make bookings for all the international train services mentioned at the NS International site


Also see our Amsterdam Rail Map which illustrates all Amsterdam train stations.