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How to travel Amsterdam to Moscow (and back)


Moscow (Moskva) is the capital of Russia and lies 2,200km east from Amsterdam.

Let's look at the options for travel between these 2 cities by air, train and bus...

1. Amsterdam-Moscow by Air

For most travellers, flying between the 2 cities is the only serious option due to the large distance involved. There are 5 non-stop daily flights between Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) and Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) with flight times of 3 hours 30 minutes.

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KLM flies twice daily using Boeing 737s whilst Skyteam partner Aeroflot flies 3x daily using Airbus A320s. Return fares for non-stop flights start at around €300.

Other airlines that serve Amsterdam and Moscow indirectly are Air France (via Paris), British Airways (via London), Lufthansa (via Frankfurt), Swiss (via Zurich), LOT Polish (via Warsaw) and CSA Czech (via Prague). Cheaper fares may often be found via indirect routes.

2. Amsterdam-Moscow by Train

There used to be a direct Amsterdam-Moscow rail service - however this was stopped a few years ago (in 2012). The Amsterdam-Moscow rail journey can still be done by the more adventurous traveller with changes or stopovers in Berlin and Warsaw:

Amsterdam-Berlin: There is a 5x daily Deutsche Bahn IC service taking just over 6 hours. Ticket prices are from €39 (2nd class) and €69 (1st class).

Berlin-Warsaw: The 5x daily Berlin-Warszawa Express "Eurocity" trains are priced from €29 each way.

How to book online: Amsterdam-Warsaw through-tickets can now be booked at the NS International site

Warsaw-Moscow: The Russian operated Polonez sleeper train service departs daily from Warsaw in the early evening, which travels via Minsk, Belarus before arriving at Moskva Belorusskaja station in the late afternoon the following day. One-way prices start at just over €100 for a 4 bed sleeper. Note, you may need a Belarus transit visa if taking this train.

3. Amsterdam-Moscow by Coach

It is possible to do the journey by coach although we are talking a very long-haul!

ECOlines sells tickets from Amsterdam to Moscow - this journey takes just under 48 hours with changes of bus in Warsaw and Riga. A single costs around €139.

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