Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not known for having a skyline of tall buildings, unlike many cities around the world. The historic centre of Amsterdam maintains its charms by not allowing any big high rise developments. In fact, you will find a lot more tall buildings in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.

There are a number of skyscraper towers located around the periphery of the city in the main business district areas – Amstel, Bijlmer, Sloterdijk and Zuidas. The tallest building in Amsterdam is the Rembrandt Tower in Amstel which is 150m tall. This tower is the 5th tallest building in the Netherlands with Rotterdam taking all 4 top spots – the 165m high Maastoren being the very tallest.

The following lists the top 10 tallest buildings in Amsterdam. All of the top 10 are corporate office blocks and generally not accessible to the general public – although some may occasionally open their doors on Open Tower Day (Open Toren Dag).

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Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Amsterdam

1Rembrandt Tower

Completed in 1994, the 35-storey tower in Omval (Amstel) is 150m tall including its 15m antenna. The Rembrandt Tower has a Boardroom on the 32nd floor of the building which can be hired for meetings and functions. It has a minor resemblance to the Empire State Building in New York.

2Mondriaan Tower

Also located in Amstel, nextdoor to the Rembrandt Tower is the Mondriaan Tower – at 123m tall with 32 floors it was built in 2001. It is home to insurance company Delta Lloyd.

3ABN Amro

This 105m, 25 storey building was opened in 1999 and is Dutch bank ABN Amro’s world headquarters. It is located next to Amsterdam Zuid station.

4WTC H Toren

The H tower of Amsterdam’s World Trade Center stands 105m high (28 floors) and was built in 2004. It is part of the large WTC complex of offices, shops and restaurants at Amsterdam Zuid.

5Amsterdam Symphony towers

The 2 Symphony towers (A and B) both stand at 105m with 29 and 28 floors, respectively. Completed in 2009 they are also found in Amsterdam Zuid.

6ITO Toren

Part of the “Mahler 4” complex in Amsterdam Zuid, the quirky ITO tower is named after Japanese architect Toyo Ito and is 100m high with 25 floors. It is home to Accenture and other companies and was opened in 2005.

7Millennium Tower Amsterdam

Built in 2004, the Millennium Tower is in Westpoort near Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. It is the head office of publisher Reed Elsevier and stands 97.5m high with 25 floors.

8Crystal Tower

Also in Westpoort district, the Crystal Tower office building was completed in 2002 and stands 95m high with 28 floors.


Also part of the “Mahler 4” complex in Amsterdam Zuid, the striking building of 25 storeys is 95m high and opened for business in 2005. It was designed by the Uruguayan born architect Rafael Viñoly and features an exterior fire escape staircase.

10Breitner Center

The third large tower in Amstel is the world headquarters of Dutch electronics giant Philips. Standing at just over 94m high it has 23 floors and was built in 2001.


Currently under construction, the mixed-use Amstel Tower (next to Amstel station) will be 100m tall and will contain residential appartments and a hotel. Due to open in 2017 it will then be ranked as 7th of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam.