IJ-Hallen Flea Market in Amsterdam

ij-hallen flea market amsterdam

IJ-Hallen is a flea market which takes place monthly over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at NDSM wharf in the north of Amsterdam. With around 750 stalls (500 in winter) it is the largest regular flea market in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe.

NDSM wharf can be easily reached from the back of Amsterdam Central station by hopping on the free GVB ferry. The trip takes about 15 minutes and offers some great views of the IJ river and Amsterdam’s waterfront development.

On arrival it is a short walk towards the 2 large shipyard buildings that host the market. Entrance is €5 for adults and €2 for children aged 0-11.

ij-hallen ndsm wharf amsterdam

There are a number of outside stalls selling larger items (bikes, furniture etc) though the bulk of the action is inside the hangar-like buildings. You will find all manner of bric-a-brac for sale and it is a little reminiscent of the King’s Day free market in April. On our visit we would estimate about 2/3 of the stalls were selling clothes.

ij-hallen flea market amsterdam

Prices are cheap and open to negotiation. This is not really the place to look for high-end antiques though you might find that gem of a bargain if you get there early.

Most of the stall-holders are hobbyists and amateurs – a standard stall is 4m by 1.10m and is available to rent for €30 per day. You need to book early as stalls do tend to sell out – bookings open about 6 weeks in advance of the market.

ij-hallen flea market amsterdam

If you wish to temporarily leave the market then get a stamp on your hand which will allow you to re-enter later on that day. There are a number of good cafés around NDSM wharf such as IJKantine, Noorderlicht and Pllek; the area itself has a unique, eclectic atmosphere.

Just a couple of things to watch out for – obviously pickpockets; also mind your step inside the buildings as the floors can be uneven in places.

For those coming by car there are paid parking facilities on-site or nearby free parking opposite Papaverweg 50.

If you enjoy browsing flea markets or love shopping for vintage clothes then a visit to IJ-Hallen will make for a fun-filled few hours.

See our what’s on in Amsterdam section for IJ-Hallen dates or check IJ-Hallen’s site here.

IJ-Hallen Flea Market, T.T. Neveritaweg 1, 1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord