Cheap Haircuts in Amsterdam

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Hair salons in Amsterdam, Netherlands are not known for offering a really cheap haircut deal unlike some cities around the world. There are lots of high-end barbers, hairdressers and stylists that charge a significant sum. In this article we look at a few places to get a reasonably cheap haircut – in Amsterdam this means from around €14.

Clustered mainly around the De Pijp district are a number of budget hairdressing salons which can offer you a cheap haircut in Amsterdam:

1. Nederlandse Kappersakademie

This is a hairdressing training school which has locations in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Den Haag and Rotterdam. The Amsterdam outlet is on Weteringschans next door to the Albert Heijn supermarket near Weteringcircuit.

The Nederlandse Kappersakademie offers cut-price haircuts to give students a chance to practice on clients. A supervisor is always on hand to offer advice and provide quality control of each cut.

nederlandse kappersakademie amsterdam

The basic price for a men’s or women’s haircut is €13.95. For women a cut and blow-dry is €16.50; for men a beard trim is €7.20. Other services include head massage (€4.95), manicure (€8) and colour treatments (from €37.75).

Personal experience: I had no appointment. You go to the reception and give your name. I was called after about 10 minutes waiting and brought into the cutting room. This was very busy with about 15-20 people getting cuts (the place seems popular with locals – from female students, young business men to old ladies). The men’s haircut took quite a long time – at least an hour, as the student was a little inexperienced but did include a wash and head massage. The cut was fine in the end.

Nederlandse Kappersakademie, Weteringschans 167
Open 0900-1630 (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri), 0900-1900 (Thu), 0900-1500 (Sat).
T: +31(0)20 626 3430

2. Herenkapsalon L. Visser

This is a traditional men’s barber on Ferdinand Bol straat just opposite the tram stop by the Heineken Brewery. It’s a family business which has been running since 1938. It charges €14.50 for a standard dry cut (no hair wash) and you can walk in without an appointment.

herenkapsalon visser amsterdam

Personal experience: I have had a few cuts here, they take good care and all-in-all a decent job. The seating area is hidden away around the corner so it’s difficult to see how many clients are waiting. The only minor criticism was the smell of cigarette smoke lingering from the staff area at the back.

Herenkapsalon L. Visser, Ferdinand Bolstraat 4
Open Tue-Fri 0900-1715, Sat 0900-1630. Note, closed Monday.
T: +31(0)20 671 2640

3. Pieter Bas Kapsalon

Further down the Ferdinand Bol straat not far from Albert Cuyp markt is the Pieter Bas salon, an institution in De Pijp which has been offering cheap haircuts for men and women in Amsterdam for over 20 years. No appointment is required. A dry cut (no wash) costs €14.50.

pieter bas kapsalon amsterdam

Personal experience: Pieter Bas always seems quite busy and they generally have 4 or 5 staff cutting hair. Clientele is a real mix from around the neighbourhood plus the occasional passing tourist. Sometimes I have had to wait up to 30 minutes to get a cut.

Quality of the cuts has varied somewhat (from excellent to ok) depending on staff member – but they are very quick and are used to English speakers.

Pieter Bas, Ferdinand Bolstraat 50
Open 1000-1800 (Mon), 0930-1800 (Tue-Fri) and 1000-1700 (Sat).
T: +31(0)20 671 3107

Pieter Bas has recently been expanding and has another 4 salons in the Amsterdam area. Locations are at Van Woustraat 88 (De Pijp), Overtoom 554 (closed Mondays), Joop van Weezelhof 28  (Slotermeer, west Amsterdam, closed Mondays) and Reigersbos 143 (south-east Amsterdam).

There are also 2 salons in Amstelveen at Kostverlorenhof 152 and van der Hooplaan 166.

4. Kapsalon Straal

Kapsalon Straal is another independent budget hairdresser in De Pijp located on the Ceintuurbaan close to van Woustraat. It offers men’s cuts for €13 and women’s cuts for €15. We have had no cuts here so can’t comment further.

kapsalon straal amsterdam

Kapsalon Straal, Ceintuurbaan 386
T: +31(0)20 379 5148

5. BrainWash

BrainWash is a large chain of budget hairdresser’s originally from the south of the Netherlands. It has expanded into the north of the country and now has some 200 salons. It has 5 franchises in Amsterdam including Ceintuurbaan (De Pijp), Rijnstraat (Rivierenbuurt), Overtoom (near Leidseplein) and east Amsterdam. The other location is in Amsterdam North (Mosveld 119).

brainwash kappers amsterdam

Brainwash offer haircuts with no appointment necessary and charges a fixed rate of €17.50 for a wash, cut and dry. Colour treatments start at €22.50. Brainwash has excellent opening hours, open for business until 9pm during weekdays.

Personal experience: I have had a few cuts at BrainWash. It is popular so I had to wait a good while. It feels a bit more modern than some of the traditional Amsterdam barber’s, although the orange decor reminds of Easyjet. Perhaps this would be a reasonable budget option for women.

BrainWash Amsterdam
Ceintuurbaan 188-190/Overtoom 64/Rijnstraat 25/Land van Cocagneplein 42
Open 0900-2100 (Mon-Fri) and 0800-1800 (Sat).

Another budget hairdresser just west of the centre is:

6. Kapsalon Bianco

This is located on the Rozengracht near the tram stop just before the Lijnbaansgracht canal. It is 5 minutes walk from Westermarkt.

kapsalon bianco amsterdam

Bianco charges €14 (men) and €16 (women) for a dry haircut. A wash+cut costs €15 and €19, respectively. We have no experience so can’t comment further.

Kapsalon Bianco, Rozengracht 214-B
Open 0900-1900 Mon-Sat;  late night closing at 2100 on Thursdays.
T: +31(0)20 422 8625

7. B-Academy

Finally, a very cheap cut is available at the B-Academy, another hairdressing training school which is located in south-east Amsterdam. It charges €5 for a cut and €9 for colour treatments (perhaps this is the cheapest hair cut in Amsterdam). Cuts can take 2-4 hours.

However to become a “hair model” you need to go through various hoops – filling in a detailed form online (Dutch) and uploading a photo.

B-Academy, Keienbergweg 63
T: +31(0)20 312 2060.

Dutch hair-dressing glossary

heren – men
dames – women
haar – hair
– hairdresser/barber
– hair salon/barber’s (not to be confused with the fast food snack of the same name!)
– cut
– wash
– dry
– blow dry
– perm
– colour

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