Cheap Haircuts in Amsterdam

haircut amsterdam

Hair salons in Amsterdam, Netherlands are not known for offering a really cheap haircut deal unlike some cities around the world. There are lots of high-end barbers, hairdressers and stylists that charge a significant sum. In this article we look at a few places to get a reasonably cheap haircut – in Amsterdam this means from around €14.

Clustered mainly around the De Pijp district are a number of budget hairdressing salons which can offer you a cheap haircut in Amsterdam:

1. Nederlandse Kappersakademie

This is a hairdressing training school which has locations in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Den Haag and Rotterdam. The Amsterdam outlet is on Weteringschans next door to the Albert Heijn supermarket near Weteringcircuit.

The Nederlandse Kappersakademie offers cut-price haircuts to give students a chance to practice on clients. A supervisor is always on hand to offer advice and provide quality control of each cut.

nederlandse kappersakademie amsterdam

The basic price for a men’s or women’s haircut is €13.95. For women a cut and blow-dry is €16.50; for men a beard trim is €7.20. Other services include head massage (€4.95), manicure (€8) and colour treatments (from €37.75).

Personal experience: I had no appointment. You go to the reception and give your name. I was called after about 10 minutes waiting and brought into the cutting room. This was very busy with about 15-20 people getting cuts (the place seems popular with locals – from female students, young business men to old ladies). The men’s haircut took quite a long time – at least an hour, as the student was a little inexperienced but did include a wash and head massage. The cut was fine in the end.

Nederlandse Kappersakademie, Weteringschans 167
Open 0900-1630 (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri), 0900-1900 (Thu), 0900-1500 (Sat).
T: +31(0)20 626 3430

2. Herenkapsalon L. Visser

This is a traditional men’s barber on Ferdinand Bol straat just opposite the tram stop by the Heineken Brewery. It’s a family business which has been running since 1938. It charges €14.50 for a standard dry cut (no hair wash) and you can walk in without an appointment.

herenkapsalon visser amsterdam

Personal experience: I have had a few cuts here, they take good care and all-in-all a decent job. The seating area is hidden away around the corner so it’s difficult to see how many clients are waiting. The only minor criticism was the smell of cigarette smoke lingering from the staff area at the back.

Herenkapsalon L. Visser, Ferdinand Bolstraat 4
Open Tue-Fri 0900-1715, Sat 0900-1630. Note, closed Monday.
T: +31(0)20 671 2640

3. Pieter Bas Kapsalon

HEMA – Cheap Breakfast (2 euros) in Amsterdam!

hema 2 euro breakfast

If you are looking for a budget breakfast (ontbijt) in Amsterdam – or any main town in Netherlands – then head over to Dutch shop HEMA between 0900 and 1000 on Monday to Saturdays.

HEMA sells a basic 2 euro breakfast (used to be 1 euro!) which is made up of a croissant and strawberry jam, a baguette sandwich filled with an omelette, a glass of fresh orange juice and a cup of coffee or tea.

hema breakfast menuYou can also add some optional extras as shown on the menu left:

bacon (2 rashers) 0.25

apple jam (stroop) 0.25

pancakes (2) 0.50

slice of cheese 0.50

fresh fruit salad 0.75

yougurt with fruit and granola 1.00

The HEMA breakfast shown in the photo at the top of the page cost a grand total of 3.50 (we really pushed the boat out there!)

The HEMA breakfast deal is excellent value – particularly when you consider that some hotels in the city charge anything up to 30 euros per person for a breakfast.

So if you don’t have breakfast included at your accommodation and are looking to save a few euros, then consider the HEMA breakfast. It’s not exactly Michelin-star cuisine, but it will certainly keep you going for a few hours.

HEMA is a well known general store in the Netherlands which sells a variety of own branded products including home/houseware, clothes and food. It is renowned for its rookworst, a smoked sausage.

hema store amsterdam nieuwendijk

HEMA has 19 stores in Amsterdam but only the following 5 stores have cafés which serve the breakfast (the first 2 listed located in the city centre):

Kalvertoren Kalverstraat 212 (near Muntplein)
Nieuwendijk 174-176 (shopping street parallel to Damrak)
Osdorpplein 626
Buikslotermeerplein 197
Slotermeer Winkelcentrum 40-45

HEMA takeaway outlets (found at most stores) are now selling a version of the 2 euro breakfast. This is made up of a cheese baguette roll, bottle of orange juice and a Dutch stroopwafel biscuit.

HEMA sells a 4-urtje (4 o’clock) special between 1600 and 1800 which offers a coffee or tea plus a small cake (choice of chocolate, cherry, apple or carrot) for 2. Add a portion of cream for 0.25 and extra cake slices for 0.75 each.

IKEA also offers a similar 1 euro breakfast (croissant and jam, roll with cheese slice and boiled egg, cappuccino/filter coffee/tea) between 0930 and 1030. IKEA is located out of the city in south-east Amsterdam – the address is Hullenbergweg 2 –  so you need to take metro 50 or 54 to station Bullewijk.

V&D La Place has its own breakfast offer where you can choose 7 items for 4 euros.

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet – Discount Mall in Lelystad

batavia stad outlet lelystad

The Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is an outdoor discount mall in the city of Lelystad about 60km drive north-east of Amsterdam. It is quite similar in set-up to the larger Designer Outlet Roermond which is located further away in the south of Netherlands.

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet contains around 100 shops from well known local and international brands. Expect discounts of around 30% off standard retail prices and up to 70% for limited special offers. Do remember that high street Dutch prices for clothes are often higher than in the UK and other markets.

Designer outlet malls normally sell last season/end-of-line items; you should be aware that some retailers do manufacture special (and cheaper) lines just for outlets.

Batavia Stad brands include the likes of Adidas, Armani, Benetton, Calvin Klein, Espirit, Gant, Guess, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger and so on.

batavia stad outlet stores

As with many outlets, the primary focus is on clothes, shoes and sportswear; you will also find home and kitchenware stores from Home & Cook, Krups, Le Creuset and Villeroy & Boch.

The outlet site has various cafés/fast-food joints though we recommend the large La Place self-service restaurant.

Non-EU visitors can get VAT refunds when leaving the Netherlands.

The Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet mall is open 363 days per year (only closed on Dec 25 and Jan 1). Regular opening hours are 1000-1800 (Mon-Fri) and 1000-2000 (Sat & Sun).

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, Bataviaplein 60, 8242 PN Lelystad
T: +31 (0)320 292 900

Batavia Stad area

The new province of Flevoland was reclaimed from the sea and established in the 1980s.

Nextdoor to the mall is the New Land Museum (Nieuw Land Museum, adults €9, children 4-17 €4, Museumkaart free), which looks at the land reclamation project in detail. It covers the prehistoric Swifterbant people who lived in the region 6,000 years ago right up to the major Zuiderzee Project and ongoing water management.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not known for having a skyline of tall buildings, unlike many cities around the world. The historic centre of Amsterdam maintains its charms by not allowing any big high rise developments. In fact, you will find a lot more tall buildings in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam and The Hague.

There are a number of skyscraper towers located around the periphery of the city in the main business district areas – Amstel, Bijlmer, Sloterdijk and Zuidas. The tallest building in Amsterdam is the Rembrandt Tower in Amstel which is 150m tall. This tower is the 5th tallest building in the Netherlands with Rotterdam taking all 4 top spots – the 165m high Maastoren being the very tallest.

The following lists the top 10 tallest buildings in Amsterdam. All of the top 10 are corporate office blocks and generally not accessible to the general public – although some may occasionally open their doors on Open Tower Day (Open Toren Dag).

Also see our guide to Amsterdam panoramas for other panoramic viewing points around the city.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Amsterdam

1Rembrandt Tower

Completed in 1994, the 35-storey tower in Omval (Amstel) is 150m tall including its 15m antenna. The Rembrandt Tower has a Boardroom on the 32nd floor of the building which can be hired for meetings and functions. It has a minor resemblance to the Empire State Building in New York.

2Mondriaan Tower

Also located in Amstel, nextdoor to the Rembrandt Tower is the Mondriaan Tower – at 123m tall with 32 floors it was built in 2001. It is home to insurance company Delta Lloyd.

3ABN Amro

This 105m, 25 storey building was opened in 1999 and is Dutch bank ABN Amro’s world headquarters. It is located next to Amsterdam Zuid station.

4WTC H Toren

The H tower of Amsterdam’s World Trade Center stands 105m high (28 floors) and was built in 2004. It is part of the large WTC complex of offices, shops and restaurants at Amsterdam Zuid.

5Amsterdam Symphony towers

The 2 Symphony towers (A and B) both stand at 105m with 29 and 28 floors, respectively. Completed in 2009 they are also found in Amsterdam Zuid.

6ITO Toren

Part of the “Mahler 4” complex in Amsterdam Zuid, the quirky ITO tower is named after Japanese architect Toyo Ito and is 100m high with 25 floors. It is home to Accenture and other companies and was opened in 2005.

7Millennium Tower Amsterdam

Built in 2004, the Millennium Tower is in Westpoort near Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. It is the head office of publisher Reed Elsevier and stands 97.5m high with 25 floors.

8Crystal Tower

Also in Westpoort district, the Crystal Tower office building was completed in 2002 and stands 95m high with 28 floors.


Also part of the “Mahler 4” complex in Amsterdam Zuid, the striking building of 25 storeys is 95m high and opened for business in 2005. It was designed by the Uruguayan born architect Rafael Viñoly and features an exterior fire escape staircase.

10Breitner Center

The third large tower in Amstel is the world headquarters of Dutch electronics giant Philips. Standing at just over 94m high it has 23 floors and was built in 2001.


Currently under construction, the mixed-use Amstel Tower (next to Amstel station) will be 100m tall and will contain residential appartments and a hotel. Due to open in 2017 it will then be ranked as 7th of the tallest buildings in Amsterdam.