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Netherlands has excellent transport links and is very easy to reach. Amsterdam has many international rail connections including the high speed Thalys to Paris, ICE services to Germany and night trains to many EU cities. Eurolines, Megabus and iDBUS provide coach travel to UK and Europe. There are also 3 North Sea ferry services from UK to Holland.

In terms of flying, Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) is a highly rated airport and major European transport hub - with flights arriving from worldwide. Skyteam carriers Air France-KLM and Delta Airlines have a large presence. Budget airlines such as Easyjet, Vueling and Transavia also operate at Schiphol.

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 By Rail:
 International Trains to / from Amsterdam
 Review of all international rail links from the city of Amsterdam.
 International Rail Connections Map - Amsterdam
 Rail map showing all international day services to/from Amsterdam.
 International Rail Borders Netherlands
 A look at all Dutch cross-border rail tracks into Germany and Belgium.
 Rail Passes for Netherlands & Europe
 Overview of Interrail & Eurail for travel to NL, plus Dutch train day tickets.
 Eurostar Review: London to Brussels
 We take a close look at travel by Eurostar.
 Domestic Rail:
 How to Buy a Dutch Train Ticket
 Tips on where to buy and which types of ticket you need.
 Trains in Netherlands
 A guide to domestic Dutch train services.
 Amsterdam Train Network Map
 Our map of rail lines and stations in Amsterdam.
 Amsterdam Train Stations
 An overview of all train stations in Amsterdam.
 Dutch Railways Guide
 Some tips on using the rail network in Netherlands.
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 By Coach:
 Amsterdam by Eurolines Coach
 Travel on Eurolines scheduled international coach (bus) services.
 Megabus Coach London - Amsterdam/Paris/Brussels
 Discount coach service from Amsterdam to London, Paris and Brussels.
  OUIBUS - Coach Amsterdam to Lille/Paris/London
 Premium coach service from Amsterdam to Lille, London, Paris and Brussels.
Flixbus-MeinFernbus Coach Amsterdam to Germany
 German bus company with services from Amsterdam.
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 By Ship/Ferry:
 Ferry Services from UK to Holland
 A look at the 3 ferry services across the North Sea.
 Cruise Ships to Amsterdam
 Arriving or departing from Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.
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 Airports to Amsterdam:
 Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central
 Getting to central Amsterdam by train, bus, shuttle or taxi.
 Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam
 How to reach Amsterdam from EIN airport in the south of Netherlands.
 Rotterdam Airport to Amsterdam
 Bus and train or taxi from Rotterdam.
 Dutch Airports - Transport Network Map
 Map showing onward transport connections from main airports.
 Germany Airports to Amsterdam
 Travel from Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Weeze, Cologne and Munich.
 Airports in Belgium to Amsterdam
 From Brussels, Charleroi and Antwerp airports to Amsterdam.
 How to Get to Amsterdam RAI
 Travel to the Amsterdam RAI convention centre.
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 By Air:
 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Layover Guide
 Guide if you have a transfer at Amsterdam airport.
 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Tips
 Tips for getting the most from Amsterdam airport.
 Airline Lounges at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
 Review of all executive lounges and how to get access.
 Flying to Amsterdam from UK & Ireland
 Options for airline travel from UK and Ireland to Amsterdam.
 Flying to Amsterdam from Europe
 Budget airline choices for travel from Europe to Amsterdam.
 Major international air routes from Amsterdam
 Long-haul flight options from Amsterdam including Asia and Australia.
 CitizenM Amsterdam Airport Hotel review
 Cheap, stylish concept hotel at Schiphol, ideal for early flights.
 UK to Netherlands by Private Jet Charter
 For special occasions, a day return jet charter can be cost effective.
 KLM - Air France Flying Blue program
 An overview of KLM-Air France's frequent flyer program.
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 Travel between Amsterdam and European cities:
 Travel Amsterdam - London, UK
 Travel Amsterdam - Edinburgh, UK
 Travel Amsterdam - Dublin, Ireland
 Travel Amsterdam - Brussels, Belgium
 Travel Amsterdam - Antwerp, Belgium
 Travel Amsterdam - Bruges or Ghent, Belgium
 Travel Amsterdam - Paris, France
 Travel Amsterdam - Marseille, France
 Travel Amsterdam - Nantes, France
 Travel Amsterdam - Frankfurt, Germany
 Travel Amsterdam - Berlin, Germany
 Travel Amsterdam - Hamburg, Germany
 Travel Amsterdam - Munich, Germany
 Travel Amsterdam - Vienna, Austria
 Travel Amsterdam - Budapest, Hungary
 Travel Amsterdam - Barcelona, Spain
 Travel Amsterdam - Madrid, Spain
 Travel Amsterdam - Milan, Italy
 Travel Amsterdam - Copenhagen, Denmark
 Travel Amsterdam - Warsaw, Poland
 Travel Amsterdam - Prague, Czech Republic
 Travel Amsterdam - Moscow, Russia
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