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Getting Around Amsterdam

Amsterdam and the Netherlands have an excellent integrated public transport network. The Dutch train service is generally very good and reasonable value for money. Amsterdam itself has an extensive transport system comprising trams, buses, ferries and the Metro - with some 1,900 stops in total. The OV-chipkaart smart card system is in use for all public transport.
The centre of Amsterdam is explored easily enough on foot or by bicycle. You should also get out on the water by taking a canal cruise around the city or hopping on one of the free IJ ferries. Driving in Amsterdam is not really recommended - the streets are tight and parking can be expensive.

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 Public Transport & Tickets in Amsterdam:
 Amsterdam Public Transport Ticket Types
 The best options for visitors to the city including multi-day tickets.
 The OV-chipkaart
 The smart ticket system in Amsterdam and Netherlands.
 Amsterdam Metro & Network Map
 The metro can get you quickly to the outer suburbs of the city.
 Travel by Tram in Amsterdam
 A fun and efficient way to travel around Amsterdam.
 Buses in Amsterdam
 There are various bus services to the airport and around the region.
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 Getting Around Netherlands by Rail:
 How to Buy a Dutch Train Ticket
 Tips on where to buy and which types of ticket you need.
 Trains in Netherlands
 A guide to domestic Dutch train services.
 Amsterdam Train Network Map
 Our map of rail lines and stations in Amsterdam.
 Amsterdam Train Stations
 An overview of all train stations in Amsterdam.
 Dutch Railways Guide
 Some tips on using the rail network in Netherlands.
 For International Rail see Getting There section.
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 Water Transport in Amsterdam:
 Amsterdam Ferries & Map
 Free local ferry services on the IJ harbour.
 'Rondvaart' Canal Cruises
 Take a glass-topped boat tour of Amsterdam's historic canals.
 Canal Travel in Amsterdam
 Options include hiring a boat, renting a pedalo, water taxi or gondola.
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 Amsterdam/Netherlands by Car:
 Taxis in Amsterdam
 Overview of taxi services in Amsterdam.
 Driving in Amsterdam
 Some tips on driving in the Netherlands.
 Parking in Amsterdam
 Car park options for Amsterdam.
 Greenwheels Car Sharing Scheme
 If you need only occasional use of a car.
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 Amsterdam on Foot or by Bike:
 Walking in Amsterdam
 Amsterdam on foot is cheap and easy - plus walking tours available.
 Cycling in Amsterdam
 Go local and get on your bike.
 Bike Rental in Amsterdam
 Bike tour and rental outfits in the city.
 Bike taxis (Wielertaxi) in Amsterdam
 Hire a bike cab with driver in Amsterdam.
 Cheap, countrywide bike rental membership scheme for residents.
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 The Strippenkaart
 Discontinued ticket - since June 2010 no longer valid in Amsterdam.
 City Center Line Bus Amsterdam
 Hopper bus service around canals stopped October 2012.