Getting Around Amsterdam - Transport Guide

The complete insider guide to public transport in Amsterdam/Netherlands.

transport tickets amsterdam

Transport Tickets in Amsterdam

Which ticket? Learn the best options for your visit including multi-day tickets.


The OV-Chip Card

How to use the smart OV-chipkaart ticket system in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

train tickets netherlands

How to Buy a Dutch Train Ticket

Get on board with our ultimate guide to rail tickets in Holland.

trams amsterdam

Amsterdam Trams

The tram is a useful and fun way to travel around the city.

amsterdam metro

Amsterdam Metro & Map

Guide to Amsterdam's metro system including the new North-South line.

schiphol to amsterdam

Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

Complete guide on how to reach central Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport.

amsterdam bus

Amsterdam Buses

Buses serve the airport and points of interest around the region.

ferry amsterdam

Amsterdam Ferry Guide & Map

The free GVB ferry services around Amsterdam harbour.

rai amsterdam

How To Get to RAI Amsterdam

RAI is the main convention and exhibition centre in Amsterdam.

train map amsterdam preview

Amsterdam Rail Map

A visual overview of the railway network around Amsterdam.

stations amsterdam

Amsterdam Rail Stations

A detailed guide to train stations around Amsterdam.

trains netherlands

Trains in the Netherlands

A guide to domestic Dutch train services from Intercity trains to Sprinters.

netherlands rail network

NS Dutch Railways Guide

Some top tips and facts about using the rail network in the Netherlands.

ns discount cards

Dutch Railways Discount Cards

Learn how to get a discount on the Dutch rail network.

taxi amsterdam

Amsterdam Taxis

Find out how much a taxi or Uber car will cost in Amsterdam.

driving amsterdam

Driving in Amsterdam

A quick guide to driving around Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

parking amsterdam

Parking in Amsterdam

Discover the most cost-effective parking options in the city.

driving amsterdam

Car Sharing in Amsterdam

For Amsterdam residents who only need occasional use of a car.

cycling amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling is a great way to get around - so go local and get on your bike.

ov fiets amsterdam

OV-Fiets Bike Rental Scheme

National bike rental scheme run by NS Dutch Railways.

For international transport options please also see travel to/from Amsterdam